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Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/27/16: Go Fund Me Ticks The Mark Again For Crew Fan

I know personally how Columbus fans helped me out on "Go Fund Me" after a bad car accident.

The bar has been raised again for Savannah Bee:

She was a female that had some choice thoughts about Don Garber's speech, via ESPN camera, during Portland's MLS Cup celebration.

It made an impression and not just with Crew fans.

Thanks to Go Fund Me donations she'll be at the rematch in the opener at Portland. Thanks as well to ESPN who may be unaware it's not a crowd full of soccer moms and dads golf clapping.

Not sure what a cameraman or woman expected? Wonder what camera operator thought that would be the perfect momento to cut to our crowd, lol.

Especially when Garber appears to consider Columbus as being Major League Soccer's Trailer Park. "Blah blah blah want to thank the Nordecke blah blah blah, I'm staying at a hotel downtown that costs more than you made in 3 weeks blah blah blah."

Portland fans were nice, for the most part, to talk to during and after MLS Cup. As usual other fans are taking credit for funding mostly. It's cool and excellent that some have pitched in. But, does the writer in this article have to make it news or say who donated more, "were the best MLS fans that have lived! Columbus fans are crumtastic, so we footed the bill, lol."

Even though I don't know her, good work and have fun Savannah.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2/24/16: Colombia Good With Falcao Move, Are Columbus Fans?

According to MLSSoccer.com, Colombia Manager Jose Pekerman prefers the move of Falcao to Major League Soccer and the Columbus Crew compared to China.

Pekerman said China is too far and not agreeable for international travel and play, with most of Colombia's matches taking place in South America. Falcao would probably be asleep on the field.

But, hopefully for Columbus Falcao stays at AS Monaco for a while or goes back to Atletico Madrid. Has a more exciting, preferable option.

I believe striker is already solid enough with what we added to a player that had 20 plus goals. For another Kamara, Ola to join Kei, was a smart enough improvement. A 26 year old that's played for Norway is a solid enough choice. Has UPSIDE.

Going for someone that hasn't had a good year in like three in Falcao and is 30. Doubtful.

If entirely necessary to find another striker. We could find someone with better international appearances currently with solid scoring at a decent level recently; but with a bigger upside.

That player would at least be cheaper. But, Kei Kamara and Ola Kamara is improved enough especially if you have one striker up top; which I think we will again.

So, why double up on a position that is good and piss one player off?

If you have money for it go after another defender, goalkeeper, or something else we could definitely perhaps use?

I'm not a big fan of the move. Because I think it will be too much money with not a lot in return. I think Berhalter is trying to improve something that doesn't need improved that much. We haven't had a striker score 10 goals often let alone over 20.

I'm sure MLSSoccer will like it. But, would we? Share your thoughts on our twitter to the right.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/21/16: Kamara and Crew Trucking Along In Preseason

The Crew are trucking along in the preseason with the ties.

As Columbus scored soon after conceding a goal.

Thanks to the Waylon Francis to Kei Kamara connection.

On Kei's goal he got up like a salmon, as the announcer said, to smack the ball into the net. It was a nice header and looks like Kei is still on his 2015 season form. Columbus needs to make sure he's back, if they haven't accomplished that already.

On the goal Columbus conceded, the defense of course could've been better defensively. Parkhurst could've done a better job of covering the scoring run into the box or anticipating that run and stealing the pass.

Instead he waited until after the run occurred to react. But, not all on him. The whole defense could've done better on getting in on the guy that passed it anyway. 2 or 3 guys behind him, so 1 could've gone up to him and if he's beat oh well.

Would've liked to see more of Emil Larsen when he came on and before it. I get that it's unlikely to have a new player start but when he came on in the 62nd minute I didn't notice him much. I figure it's a lot of getting used to your new teammates.

More touches would've been nice.

I thought Jimenez had a good game and of course Kei since he scored again. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Ola Kamara I guess he isn't with the team yet? But, would like to see another striker that could perhaps find the net along with Kei. Conor Casey didn't awe me but better than Scheonfeld and whatever other guy we had. He always found goals somehow at the Union.

Just saying it's grand to have one striker that scores consistently. Two and we would be in heaven. A midfielder other than Finlay scoring in 2016 and were golden there as well.

I thought Corey Ashe was consistently involved when he came in, same with Amro Tarek. Amro looks like a big drink of water and faster than Sauro. He looks more like a center back frame. Could he find time in front of Parkhurst (who's a midget at CB) or Sauro? Sauro was pretty strong in the playoffs especially against Montreal. Parkhurst stepped up his game as well.

But, it's good to have Amro as a backup if anyone gets injured on the back line and someone will. He looked useful I thought.

Corey Ashe is a solid pickup as well. 29, several appearances for the Houston Dynamo, former All Star. Could be another solid backup in midfield and perhaps DM. Heard his name a lot second half. At least he was involved.

I also liked Afful's and Francis's game and being involved as usual defensively and offensively.

Further, I thought before RSL scored, Columbus dominated possession and overall appeared to have the better options. It is preseason, so overall it's about getting your legs and soccer form right. If you can get involved with scoring great. Columbus has never dominated preseason and that's not specifically important.

Friday, February 19, 2016

2/20/16: Rafael Van Der Vaart Coming To Columbus?

Real Betis players Cedrick Mabwati and Amro Tarek were moved to the Columbus Crew.

Therefore, it would make sense if another Real Betis player came to Major League Soccer that he would come to the Columbus Crew.

Rafael Van Der Vaart, of Real Madrid and Tottenham lore, is on the MLS docket and with Real Betis currently.

But, Betis definitely wants to move him. Apparently, the Crew is one of the interested MLS teams.

Betis were preferably looking to move him as well to The Chinese Super League, lol.

But, if Columbus perhaps made an offer to Falcao; and now wants to go after the perhaps cheaper Van Der Vaart they have a move in mind that would make that money available for one or the other.

Van der Vaart, as an attacking midfielder, would be at the same position as Higuaín and wouldn't likely be a back up or want to be. So, would you be okay with a swap of Van der Vaart in the position of Federico Higuaín or not?

Have you been impressed with Higuaín as of late or do you think it's time for a switch in that spot? Higuaín is 31, Van der Vaart is 33. But, it isn't like Higuaín is much faster and couldn't use some position anxiety.

Higuain has only been at attacking midfield uncontested since 2012.

Van der Vaart's last stop where he had some goal success:

I followed van der Vaart closely at Tottenham because that's my EPL team. He's not the quickest guy but have always been impressed with his decision making. Sometimes off the wall, taking the least expected option.

I wonder if the Crew would be looking at him as a second striker? Similar to how they changed Kamara from midfield to striker and have Higuaín behind them. That might be useful, better for van der Vaart at 33.

Share your thoughts on my Twitter to the right. Do you think van der Vaart could take the position of Higuaín or be a second striker? Because why would the Crew want Falcao and Kamara before this? You're obviously starting both.

2/19/16: Jack Mac Happy He Doesn't Have To Wear New Crew Kit

Not sure if this counts as news, lol. But, rude I guess.

Flash forward to 3:55 unless you want to hear about Timbers boring preseason stuff.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/18/16: Radamel Falcao Turns Down Chinese Offer; For Columbus?

Nordecke work on your Falcao two sticks.

And it could happen.

Monetarily it makes no sense unless you rather make anything not to step in China.

Which may not be crazy.

But, compared to Jiangsu Suning's offer the Crew likely offered dollars for a McChicken each week.

The insane offer made from Jiangsu Suning of China was $25 million. Really? It was rejected today by Falcao.

I figure unless the Columbus Crew gives the city of Columbus to Falcao, he isn't coming when he rejected that. But, maybe. And he may be attracted by the Midwestern lifestyle says  MLSSoccer.com.

One might think Falcao could have a crap year and wouldn't be bothered. If it meant $25 million.

Jiangsu Suning apparently will have Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo... When they are 35.

The only thing I take from this; is that if the Crew made a real offer to Falcao, the Crew are looking to play with two starting strikers in 2016.

Either dos Kamara's, or Columbus will go after someone cheaper and perhaps better than Falcao has been recently.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16/16: Rapper Wears Columbus Crew Swag

We finally made it, blow some bubbles. Well don't do that, pshh West Ham.
Salute though.

As our favorite rapper in history Hypno Carlito is wearing that new Crew logo swag:

All I got to say is Hippopotamus/Hypnopotamus?

Nice remix of the shirt either way. Yet kind of interested how he came across that idea? Just surfing MLS websites, lol?

Get hyped:

The Columbus Crew oddly may win the MLS rap inclusion game. Is that a thing?

Doesn't our Massive club have their own rap song or two already? I have 47.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/14/16: New Jersey Hate Bait

The back neck kind of reminds me of a Chicago Fire jersey and we should celebrate our rivals, both them and Toronto FC with red. Gahh, how will I go on?

If you didn't see this, the players react and read mean twitter tweets. Kind of just makes me wish I got vicious the other day because Crewture could use any views lately.

I think by the end of the season everyone will say it's the best new idea after the Crew's new logo. We should've changed the logo on this jersey to an eagle and weed plants?

But, the city of Columbus must be happy because this is probably the first time the rest of the world has ever looked for Columbus's flag on Google. Or at least the first time loner MLS fans got sick of looking up porn and google searched this. And probably the first time a team has designed their jersey after a city flag. Is that true? Would be a good Trivia Crack question.

2/14/16: Happy Valentines Day Crew Lovers

But, okay MLSSoccah.com

But, got to agree. Wil Trapp has captured your heart Columbus. Awe

2/14/16: Who Does Berhalter Still Hope to Sign?

Berhalter has commented:
“I think we need to perform,” he said. “We have the personnel, now it’s about the performance.”

After a few signings last week, the club now has 24 roster spots filled, and Berhalter has said he only plans on carrying 27 of a possible 28 into the beginning of the season.

So perhaps some draft rookies and maybe someone else significant?

Lol, how about:

Because two Kamara's isn't enough, lol. And especially Conor Casey.

"What Crewture buddy? I'm your number one striker?"

Friday, February 12, 2016

2/12/16: Amro Be Like..

I'm all about that Crew swag

2/12/16: No Matter If The New Crew Jersey is Ugly or Sweet, Will Win The Attention Battle

And 47,000 minutes will be wasted debating it and fretting over it.

Named one of the worst football kits on the Harvard of Sports News- Bleacher Report, :-) the Crew's new second jersey will do one thing and that's get people talking.

For better or for worse.

Ok. Cover yo eyes before you click here.

I don't think the jersey would be shabby if the shorts were yellow and the light blue sat in the bottom of the jersey similar to how the red is on the top. I also think if Donald Trump wasn't really ugly and didn't make George W. Bush look like Albert Einstein I would like to be him.

That hurt saying, don't attempt; I rather be a somewhat educated/uneducated Football Manager playing poor ass like I am (and don't fret I dislike all Democratic hopefuls as well. I would vote for Kernal Sanders from the KFC commercials at the moment if I could).

The point is I don't give a crap what the Crew wears as long as they're the Columbus Crew. And if they want to add MLS Cup to that. Cool.

The one thing I don't get is why suddenly MLSsoccer.com has to make a big hoopla about everyone's new jersey, and why every team needs to change their jersey now every minute. Didn't know MLS teams were a fancy, stylish girlfriend that no guy wants unless they have confidence issues.

Well, bazang, ka boom. Let's just get into it and embrace it. If you don't you're not a good Crew fan :-).

You ain't real.

So twirl.

2/12/16: Three New Players Signed, Why It's Better Than Previous Years

The three new players the Crew signed, transfer-wise, are players that may take the Crew over the top from MLS Cup participant to winner.

Emil Larsen, the 24 year old Danish star, appears to be someone much better than last year's acquisitions of Mohamed Saeid and Kristin Steindorsson.

The 24 year old has five appearances for Denmark. Has played in the Danish Superliga for six years. The first two with Lyngby Boldklub, where he was the top league scorer in 2009 helping to promote the club to the Danish Superliga.

His work led to a transfer to top Danish Superliga club, Odense Boldklub, where he has been for the last four seasons.

Emil Larsen looks a top prospect for Denmark's future at 24 years old and looks capable of taking a spot in the midfield as a starter.

So, makes a Crew fan wonder/ponder if a player in the midfield might be going or if Larsen will split time in the midfield with another starter; As I don't think Larsen would look to come here to be a bench player.

Ola Kamara additionally looks to be a massive improvement as a second striker. The 26 year old Norwegian played for top Norwegian Tippeligaen side Molde last season. Kamara scored 14 goals in 29 appearances, nearly good enough for a goal every two games.

Ola or K2 also received UEFA Champions League time with Molde last season.

In the past, Kamara has had the most success with Tippeligaen side Stromsgodset, scoring 43 goals in 112 appearances.

Kamara has spent a bit of time in the Austrian Bundesliga with SV Rien and Austria Wien, but hasn't had much success there. Also, he has spent some time in Germany with TSV 1860 Munchen.

Ola further has had his own international appearances, seven for Norway including one goal.

Ola's top three Molde goals last season, looks to have some pace. Perhaps Kei's eventual replacement/protégé if Kei was really looking to retire this year if Columbus won it all:

Some goals Ola scored in the past that probably lead to his time in Austria:

In regard to Amro Tarek, the 23 year old has had a decent stint in the Egyptian Second Division. And that's it if you look at his whole career.

He's made appearances on excellent Bundesliga Reserve teams and is now on contract with Real Betis.

I figure it's a situation based on what Amro makes out of it. He's likely on his way out of Betis and Columbus probably figures if he takes to the Crew and plays successfully, bonus.

Berhalter perhaps believes he has a better chance with Amro than Barson or Tyson Wahl.

Columbus could use a better 5 or 6 defenders overall and if they bring in Amro and someone similar fulfills a need.

All of these acquisitions fulfill a need and strengthen the depth of the club.

In addition, all players transferred in have been with a few successful clubs and are perhaps more professional than previous acquisitions. So, if all can put some stress on starters all the better.