Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Soccer World Is Yours (6.3.2015-Edition)

The best part of Tuesday's match for New Zealand's U-20 Goalkeeper Oliver Sail

I'm not too convinced Julian Green will be the world phenom Klinsmann expects him to be. But, Gedion Zelalem will be somebody. A lot of players on this U-20 team will be (alright, could be):

And everyone talks about CCV, Hyndman, Rubin, and Zelalem...
But, I think Paul Arriola is a bit underrated or overlooked in the hype of the others. I think he's a hell of a player. I like his frame and he has a little bite to his game. And could make the jump to U23s with a lot of these other guys (Rubin, Hyndman, Zelalem, CCV, etc.). I think he may be a guy that surprises some people (in a overseas, across the Atlantic type of way) in the future.

In addition, who is this little engine that could Desivio Payne? Payne against New Zealand was a baller and appears to be a delightful wing back for the future (if he sticks with the US). We always could use more of those, and to be honest he may be moving up that (slim outside back) depth chart real quickly.

It's nice to be impressed with a US performance every once in a while. All these guys could do some great things. If I was Klinsmann I would've enjoyed that.

**A lot of people are focusing on the symbolism of the open back door in this image, I'm focusing on those fresh kicks.
Pretty fly, felt shoe game, for a 79 year old.

**New York Cosmos vs. Cuba, why was this on ESPN?

I flicked it on and preceded to fall asleep several different times, drooling on myself. It was a good nap inducer.

.25 cents a ticket for this one, you think they could up the ticket prices to provide for a grounds crew and maybe a few stadium improvements... No wonder Osvaldo Alonso and half their team always makes a run for asylum/citizenship at the Gold Cup.

Rough looking national team stadium... And that's alright, but at least put more work into the pitch. It looks like what my local rec league would play on.

Very surprised Raul's creaky old ankles held up on that.

**The Columbus Crew play the Philadelphia Union in the quest for their first away win. Things to likely happen: Kamara will score, somebody will get red carded wearing yellow, will give up a win with a late goal.


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