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1.8.2015: Osasuna May Have to Part With Cedrick for Other Reinforcements


It's the middle of the Spain's Segunda Division season. Osasuna are currently 11th, 5 points off from a promotion playoff, 6 points ahead of relegation. Relegated last year, Osasuna are going to have to shake the team up, move a couple people if they want to return to La Liga. They need to make up for their goal differential, they need more goals in the second half of their season to balance an atrocious defense. Think Liverpool last season, scoring a lot more is the only way to success. Their 29 goals allowed over the first half of the year only beats out relegation battlers CE Sabadell (32 allowed), Barcelona B (34 allowed), and Albacete Balompie (36 allowed). Their goal forwarded amount is 25, which isn't bad but the 9th best output. 9th best scoring, with 19th best defense, if that continues Osasuna won't be anywhere near the promotion spots or promotional-playoff hunt. They'll stick around their current position of 11th out of 22 teams. If it gets worse, they could be in the relegation hunt, 19th place UE Llagostera is only six points back.

A local journalist embedded with the team wrote the most insightful article a few days back; as according to Natalia Perez with News of Navarra, Osasuna wants to strengthen their squad in the winter market (no surprise after that intro) and can only do so if outgoing players leave early in the month. In addition, Osasuna are trying to lessen the amount of players on their books that count as internationals. But, Cedrick isn't exactly the international that Osasuna had in mind to be on the way out. Or Osasuna just says that as they haven't made a firm decision on which internationals they can part ways with and which ones they need to hold onto.

Osasuna has said in several articles that they value Cedrick's speed, they see it as a difference maker in a team that lacks pace. Because of this Osasuna are focusing on possibly moving other internationals. At least, that's what they're hinting at in this article, and have been by driving their valuation of Cedrick up, through mentioning his use to the squad.

The article implies instead of moving Cedrick...
Osasuna wants to (move) make a decision on the futures of Cameroonian defensive midfielder Raoul Loe, Iranian striker Karim Ansarifard, and Algerian center back Liassine Cadamuro.

BUT, the article also mentions that Osasuna still haven't made up their minds on the future of Cedrick. So, Osasuna has said no BUT not loudly or firmly. There's a theme of this, in this article Osasuna says they've rejected the deal, UNLESS they get a bigger deal to convince the club to part ways with Cedrick.

Osasuna has time to make a deal (about a week) so they're just posturing for the best move they can make for Cedrick. But, either way, Osauna's needs to make room for other targets, especially international targets.

So, in the end they may have no choice but to accept the Crew's original offer.

Still, let's play Osasuna's game for a while. Let's say Osasuna are looking for more money from Columbus, because they value Cedrick more compared to the other three internationals. Let's say they truly rather keep Cedrick around because of his speed. Yet if no one else listed above (essentially on the transfer list) goes then Osasuna needs to part ways with Cedrick; especially before The African Cup of Nations, or they have virtually no way to improve their team as they desire and reach promotion.

That's if Osasuna believes they have a target (or targets) that can get them closer to promotion than Cedrick (and other mentioned internationals) can.

Overall, Cedrick has made 14 appearances in 19 matches, which could seem pretty substantial as he's made a mark in nearly 75% percent of the games. Yet, most were either as a substitute or an early exit as he has only logged 697 minutes; if Cedrick started all fourteen games he would be nearly double that at 1260 minutes. He has three assists, but Cedrick's supposed to be a dangerous winger. His three assists equate to a contribution in 1 out of every 8.3 Osasuna goals. Despite potential, that output should be expendable for a team in Osasuna's situation.

But, that depends on how Osasuna expects to improve to 6th or better.

To do so wouldn't be with defensive acquistions, it's probably not the best move to integrate someone into the back four in the middle of the season, unless your pretty confident in that person. If it goes south your not in 11th, your in 19th. Instead, Osasuna's best chance to move up is to improve their offense by acquiring international transfers that up the goal total amount.

This is why Cedrick could leave.

Osasuna shouldn't have a problem with letting go of a winger that contributes to 1 out of every 8.3 goals for the club, for one that contributes to 2 or 2.5 out of every 8 goals. Or moving him for another international striker to come in and possibly help score more goals. Since Cedrick is only getting about 1/3 the minutes at his position, 697 of a total 1710 minutes, Osasuna could just replace him with the winger currently on the team sharing time with Cedrick anyway.

To me it sounds like if there is no interest in the other three, they'll have to accept Columbus's deal to try to improve their own team. I'm sure a few days before January 17th we'll hear one way or the other.  January 17th Cedrick is on duty with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the African Cup of Nations, and that will last two to three weeks. A bad month could push Osasuna further back and Cedrick can't even contribute. So, it might be wise for Osasuna to try to find someone that can.

Betis favors the option of Cedrick going to Columbus (probably because it gets Cedrick off their books) but Osasuna has to accept it as well. And although some news outlets have reported that Osasuna has rejected the offer outright, I think there's a lot of thinking (like I tried to do above) going on.


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