Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1.6.2015: Former Columbus Crew Player Daniel Paladini Charged With Six Counts in Domestic Abuse Case

Picture credit: Sum Lau
Former Columbus Crew midfielder Daniel Paladini was charged with three counts of domestic abuse and three counts of assault today, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Paladini had the police called on October 28th for a reported domestic abuse of his fiancée Sarah Alexander.
Paladini and Alexander are pictured to the left at a party during his time with Major League soccer outfit, Chicago Fire. The couple met during his time with that club.
On October 29th, the league was informed of the incident, that spanned three days. The league suspended Paladini with pay.
On November 3rd, the Columbus Crew and the league made the suspension with pay public.
On November 18th, Paladini was one of seven Crew players whose option was declined.
Prior to these events, Paladini broke his leg on September 16th and as a result was sidelined for the rest of the 2014 season. He kept upbeat, posting to twitter that "it would not stop him."
Yet, fiancée Alexander told Gahanna police that Paladini was struggling with his situation. That Paladini, according to The Columbus Dispatch's article, became "increasingly violent and upset over the previous few weeks from dealing with stress from the injury and his contract being almost up."
Before the injury, Paladini made four appearances for the Columbus Crew, three as a starter.
The incidents with fiancée Sarah Alexander were alleged to occur on three consecutive days from October 26th to October 28th. The Columbus Dispatch report of what occurred was rather disturbing.
Paladini, from looking at his twitter has kept close to family in the meantime and has done some traveling to San Francisco and back home. Sarah Alexander's twitter has her back in Chicago. From the looks of things the couple does not appear to be still together.
A pretrial hearing is set for January 14th.


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