Monday, January 5, 2015

1.5.2015: Osasuna Rejects Deal, Cedrick Not Keen On Columbus Move

Vavel Spain just reported that although Real Betis may have accepted the Crew's transaction that neither the player or Osasuna want the deal to happen.

The article states that Cedrick, at this point in his career, "frowns upon a move to MLS."

Cedrick will stay with Osasuna until June, unless and big surprise, Osasuna gets a bigger compensation on the deal. Real Betis gave their blessing to reject the deal.

Osasuna stated that Cedrick's speed and quality is scarce throughout the club and unless they got a bigger deal they want to keep him.

According to the article, both Real Betis and Osasuna would have to accept the deal. Which is in line with this summary, as according to Pit Sports, both teams would be compensated for the transaction involving the Congolese winger.

Either way, this seems to put the Cedrick move to Columbus Crew SC to bed, unless the Crew put more cash on the table.

But, if the player isn't interested, it's probably best to move on to other options.


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