Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1.20.2015: Miroslav Klose Would Make Columbus A Contender, But I Still Find That Dreamland Unlikely

The home opener against Toronto FC on March 14th might be a big time event now with Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley coming to town.

It's unlikely to be because the Columbus Crew have signed a star to lead their line. But, wait a star linked to Columbus (with no facts or resources for said rumor) Go to link!

Who started this, well the German Bild mentioned Klose contact for Klose with Major League Soccer..

And then Crew fans ran with it taking to Twitter, and proclaiming Columbus, home of the Nordecke and German Village, must be one of the MLS teams in for the German (well, sort of German) Miroslav Klose.

Let's just say when you've scored the most goals in World Cup history, and 71 goals in 137 appearances for Germany, your still in demand at 36. To get in on the fun #KloseToColumbus
Well, at least Berhalter, didn't laugh and/or spit out his morning coffee or cappuccino.

The 36 year old Klose is looking for a move; as he is currently not enjoying life at Lazio, where he described himself, in December, as an "old table thrown into the cellar."

In addition, The German Bild said that Klose will not return to his former club, current relegation battlers Werder Bremen, or to any Bundesliga team. But, instead his destination is likely to be the United States.

But, where to?

If Columbus is really giving it a go, signing Klose and the much more likely Argentine right back Grana would put them at 9 internationals (1 over the limit).

If that's the case the Columbus Crew would have to trade for an international slot; or at the end of preseason, part ways with the draftee that has impressed less out of Sergio Campbell or Lev-Ari; Or Federico Higuain, or one of the Crew's two aforementioned draft picks may be very Klose to a green card.

Either way it's fun to dream.

Having someone like Klose wearing the Crew jersey would be a honor. Also, Lev-Ari, who I think will surprise and make the team, is a poacher who could learn a lot from a year or two behind a great poacher in Klose. That may not be a bad idea.

In addition, if your trying to jumpstart a new brand, having the top goalscorer in World Cup history in your shirt isn't a bad way to do it.

But, despite the Crew's new Bundesliga-like logo and the fact that Lazio isn't exactly Roma, Juventus, or AC Milan, therefore Klose might not demand to be in the largest market; I would still expect him to go to a bigger market with a DP slot left, like a New York Red Bull or even perhaps the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Still after a nice move for fullback Chris Klute, who knows what Berhalter and Precourt may have up their sleeves.


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