Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1.20.2015: Crew's Berhalter Makes A Smart Move For Robert Kristo

Some call him Robert, or Robbie, or Roberto Kristo; either way the 3rd Round Pick for the Columbus Crew will not be in a Crew jersey soon. The highly rated forward out of St. Louis University, is headed to the Serie B in Italy.

American Soccer News reported that the deal was a done one on December 24th, 2014 with a Serie B club, but the club in question hasn't been mentioned.

But, Kristo's Instagram hints it's Serie B side Vicenza Calcio; as Kristo tweeted an Instagram New Years picture mentioning Vecenza, Italy (which umm doesn't exist). But, Vicenza, Italy has a Serie B club called Vicenza Calcio.

Vicenza, who were just promoted, are doing well enough so far in Serie B in 14th place. Yet, are only five points ahead of the relegation places.

If you're hoping to see Kristo in Crew Stadium soon, the best bet is Vicenza has a bad second half of the season and get relegated; then they may be looking to release some players and now Berhalter calls with Kristo's rights in hand.

Or they get relegated and a non-established Kristo doesn't get any other calls, and doesn't find Serie C (now known as Lega Pro Prima) as sexy.

Either way, while you hope for a young American prospect to be successful, Serie B may not work out and it may not even have to do with Kristo, who appears to have tons of potential, but instead the situation.

“He could potentially be signing in Italy right now,” Berhalter told Adam Jardy this afternoon. “We know that. Worst-case scenario, if he did end up signing and he plays a year there or a year and a half there and wants to come back, we own his rights.”

15 hours ago, Kristo posted this picture of him headed to Italy:

If you shook the snow globe of possibilities, my dream scenario now for mid-Summer is Miroslav Klose, with two hungry strikers that have confidence, have scored goals in college like Sagi Lev-Ari and Robert Kristo behind him learning.

That makes a lot more sense if you want to get serious about scoring, than what we've had.


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