Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1.13.2015: Mix Diskerud & His Yankee Hats Sign For NYCFC

Major League Soccer putting a big name in a big city, well I be damned.

Mix Diskerud looks lottery winning happy though signing with NYCFC (above). A club with so much history and passion. In fact, Mixy looks like a seven year old child that got the toy he wanted for Christmas. Quite. Because he now works at Yankee Stadium and can get all the Yankee hats that he can get his super cool, fruit juggling hands on.

As you may be aware, at one point this Summer, the Columbus Crew were excruciatingly close to signing U.S. international Mix Diskerud. But, it didn't happen so better things can for Diskerud and his Yankee fitted's.

A Columbus Clippers hat just doesn't have the same appeal. The same swag, you feel?

Well, don't show Mix this strictly fitted, Clipper hat.

Overall, Mix Diskerud has spent $2,219 dollars and 26 cents on Yankee hats. Well, that's not just a little OCD, can't think of any better use for over two grand.
No Pirates fitted though, isn't that hat 101?
When he comes to Columbus, we should make a big hat tifo that says? Post your thoughts @CrewtureFanzine


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