Thursday, August 7, 2014

8.7.2014: What A Mix Up.

The Mix Up isn't really with the Mix nixing of the deal. But, that Columbus, instead of focusing on real needs, is so desperate to go after US National team players that will likely give us little impact.
So the Columbus Crew offered U.S. National Team player Mix Diskerud $1 million dollars (or close to it), in a contract that hit a snag yesterday.
Mix currently makes around $300,000 dollars playing for Rosenborg in Norway.
The snag was rumored to be that Diskerud's dad/agent Paal Diskerud said his son "needs more money." Which really could be Mix's words too, because if Mix really wants to play in Columbus for $1 Million he would be like, "come on dad, this is what I want."
But, should Columbus of ever put themselves into this position? Seeing that the older Diskerud pulled his son allegedly out of a transfer with the Portland Timbers two years back? Both times Mix would've made exceedingly more money than he makes now.
Which means one of two things? Either the Diskerud's are crazy or Norway is so much better than Columbus, Ohio that one rather make $700,000 less to live there.
Hmm.. Hopefully Diskerud, during his time in Columbus with the US Nats, was able to see some area's away from the stadium; other than the Lowe's, Big Boy's, railroad, and the low income housing around stadia Crew. If he thought he would have to reside there, I would probably choose Norway too.
Either way, why are the Columbus Crew so keen on going after a Mix Diskerud or Sasha Klejistan?  Why can't we just offer $1 Million for some striker, somewhere, that can score goals. I can almost guarantee (if we still have scouts) that there is someone that for $1 million bucks, can come to America (were still the promised land, right?), and give us some goals. And no I'm not talking about Papadopoulous. I'm talking about a million for someone that has an upside, and will blossom here.
Sure, Diskerud would've been a nice look for a while. Maybe Klejistan, too. But, it's not like it's Altidore. It's really not Kaka, Villa, or Lampard. It's not a big name signing. Interest would've faded in a couple of weeks.
What doesn't fade is winning, and a good style of play. We need to insert players that win us games.
Not fawn over every mid-level US National teamer, throwing our script of needs to the way side when they come available, saying "woo, we had someone call us, a big time US National Team player," who didn't even make the World Cup squad. I.e. Sasha Klejistan.
Are we serious?
What's the big draw there? Klejistan has played for Chivas USA and Anderlecht, what's the big news here? What's the reason to leak that unless something comes from it?
It's big news if were attached to Gareth Bale, quite noteworthy even if nothing comes from it. But, Sasha Klejistan or Mix Diskerud inquire about the Crew? Woo. Massive club we are lol.
Look. What we need our a few no name strikers that can put some goals in the back of the net and have us win consistently again. What we don't need is an okay US National Team midfielder, that we try to fit everything around, and yet he isn't a striker nor can score us goals.
To be honest I'm not sure if either is worth $1 million, other than that US National Team by their name that makes them worth that to just MLS.
Sure it's nice that US National Team players are coming back to MLS. But, I hope the league isn't forcing teams to acquire them. The focus should be on playing good soccer and winning for every team, if a US National Teamer fits into that mix for a MLS club so be it. But, it's not going to always be the instant ingredient to success. It's just going to make you feel better for a while, until you miss the playoffs again because you have no one who can score!
When the Portland Timbers missed out on Mix Diskerud, they replaced him with the target of Diego Valeri. I would take a Valeri right now any day.
So hopefully the Crew go in a similar direction.


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