Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8.13.2014: NASL Clubs Making Bigger Striker Moves

The New York Cosmos, who play in the NASL to not exactly remarkable crowds at Hofstra University's Soccer Stadium. Can not only reportedly afford to go after Roque Santa-Cruz, offering him from various reports $1 million to $2 million; But, can also afford to pay a transfer fee to get him out of his contract that runs with Malaga until 2016.

Meanwhile, a division higher in Major League Soccer at our club, whose revenue isn't amazing, but has to be better than renting out a mid-level university stadium with over 9,000 less seats... crickets on the forward front.

Not saying Roque Santa-Cruz would make sense at all, the focus isn't likely to ever be on a player that needs two years of a contract bought out. But, identify a target that will work in your system, put a serious offer on the table, attempt to make it into the playoffs. And then role that momentum into next year's re-brand. 

That hopefully will not be going on in the middle of a desert.

Or ride it out with injury-riddled Arrieta, and an inexperienced Bedell, and Schoenfeld. 

If the front office is okay with that route, I see the Crew missing out on the postseason again.


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