Thursday, February 20, 2014

2.20.2014: 5 Things To Takeaway From The Crew's Good Start at Disney

Higuain hits another free kick to set the tone in 3-1 thrashing of big money Toronto.

1. The Movement, Passing Was Strong: From what the Major League Soccer group of streams allowed us to see, the Crew looked the stronger and better club when it came to moving the ball around the field, and well everything.

The buildup at 1:20 for Williams goal was excellent all around. Also, good for Williams, who for a defender always seems to have goals in him:

2. Crank Up The Toronto F.C. Excuse Machine: Duane Rollins tweeted to Toronto F.C. fans that the Reds are a week behind other Major League Soccer clubs, so no need to worry.

Toronto F.C. may start their season a week later than most MLS clubs.

But, this was still the second preseason game for both clubs, so it's not like the Crew are in midseason form.

Also, you may think those high salaries would make up for a week of fitness.

Still, it's early and TFC were debuting Cesar, Gilberto, and Jackson. I would not be surprised if Leiweke's shopping spree eleven are a lot better in a few months time.

3. Not Messing With The Core: A couple of weeks back, I kind of got annoyed that the Crew has refused to spend their money on anyone, including Laba.

If the decision to bring no one substantial in was Berhalter's then it's fine. If he wants to work with his base and see what he has, and then re-evaluate what he needs midseason, fine. So far Berhalter looks like he knows what he is doing and is getting more out of Warzycha's core team.

The people he did bring in were incorporated early. And according to some, this Summer may perhaps be even bigger in incoming transfers, "March To The Match" speculated that Lukas Podolski might be on his way over to MLS.

Although their sources are likely what came to them in a dream.

4. Would It Kill MLS To Get a Preseason Stream Right? I would stop bringing it up if it wasn't a problem. But, the people Major League Soccer has hired in office cannot figure out how to live stream.

The Malmo game I could only watch about 60 minutes, this one 37 minutes.

It's so easy to live stream from YouTube. The only thing that should make it impossible to stream is if it's something on YouTube's end, such as their live streaming capability being down.

But, even if the streaming was working, the production level is so low.

The Disney Classic cameras are what a dad would use to film his son's soccer games. At times there is no audio. There is no B Roll, no interviews, no look at the commentators.

Why not take a few HD cameras down there and a few inspired people, for cheap, trust me there are a few of them in the business- I would like to think of myself as one-; and have them try to get a uniformed preseason broadcast that might bring in some sponsors for MLS?

I wouldn't usually go to a Toronto F.C. fan, but this one hit the nail on the head (Loconet on Red Patch Boys Forum):

It's the year 2014. We are on the cusp of having self driving cars, we have eye wear that act as powerful computers connected to the internet, we watched a robot land on mars in almost real-time (speed of communication with a remote planet limited).

... but yet MLS/teams cannot sort out a simple video feed from Florida.

The destruction of the league will not be spending or over spending in players. It will be their goddamn potatoes for cameras and zucchinis for modems in pre-seasons.

Believe it or not MLS, the preseason is important. It's where a championship season begins, it's where fans can start formulating opinions on the offseason moves that were made. MLS fans, as well as people all over the world want to view it. But, they can't in 2014.

5. Being In Good Preseason Form, Doesn't Necessarily Relate To The Regular Season (Shocking): Toronto F.C. won the Disney Classic a few years back and went on to lose their first nine games of that season..

So, good step by Berhalter and crew, but still just a step.


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