Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2.13.2014: Columbus Bypassing of Laba, Continues Offseason Chain of Boring

2.13.2014: Columbus Bypassing of Laba, Continues Offseason Chain of Boring
By Ryan Kozlowski, Crewture Editor

Jermaine Defoe, Michael Bradley, and Julio Cesar to Toronto F.C., Bofo Bautista and Mauro Rosales to Chivas USA, Benji Joya to Chicago Fire, Eddie Johnson and Conor Doyle to D.C. United, Vincent Noguiera to Philadelphia Union, Gaston Fernandez to Portland Timbers..

Meanwhile in Columbus here's the big news,

Oduro, Wahl make it a point to be more vocal this year.. NO WAY!


Tell me more, actually can you just put up a story about Beckham's Miami Vice?

I'm not trying to be rude because I do love this team. But, for the love of Lamar Hunt could the Crew do something interesting?

At least make up a fake transfer story? Or perhaps sign a new striker just for fun?

Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt should look to keep up in MLS, or do something, anything newsworthy to push the club.

He keeps talking about changing the logo, then change it or stop talking about it.

Here's a tip. The logo isn't the big issue, the logo at the very least is different in soccer. Different is good, different is an identity, compared to the new logo which will likely be a European knock off.

And most likely designed by some crap company that doesn't get the club.

At least Columbus Crew is an American name.

The real issue at this moment is that Columbus has failed to do anything remotely interesting this offseason.

Michael Parkhurst isn't bad but everyone is aware that it would've been more interesting a few years ago.

Even Toronto F.C., this past week, tried to pawn off one of their better players from last year in Matias Laba on the Crew. They threw the Columbus Crew a softball pitch and the Crew whiffed.

Gregg Berhalter said Laba "had an average season and was in and out of the lineup." Despite most Toronto and MLS fans being impressed with Laba's play, and Laba being out of the lineup for an injury.

The Crew could've played it off as a "we stole TFC's designated player with the most potential."

Laba could've had a pretty good connection with Higuain in the middle of the park, he could've been mentored by Pipa.

Laba and Trapp could've built together as young players in the two defensive midfield positions and covered a back line that is going to be suspect.

Laba perhaps wasn't what everyone has described as one of the Crew's most pressing needs, but is he an improvement in that position? Yes. Is he better than doing nothing? Yes. Does he give us a chance to win more games? Sure.

But, he's not worth the money.

Or perhaps the Crew doesn't want to spend the money on anything?

I'm used to 7-10 players at least being connected with the Crew through an overseas rumor in the offseason. So, I wonder are they even trying? And why did we get rid of some of our better players to clear all of that cap space if there is no plan to use it?

Laba only had 62 appearances in the Argentina Primera and Argentine youth experience at 22. Who needs that? Apparently we don't.

If Columbus has something in mind instead great.

But, what is the plan?


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