Thursday, January 9, 2014

1.9.2014: Where Player Moves Have Lacked Inspiration; Maaskant Assistant Hire, Other Coach Hires Show Some Promise

Where the player signings have lacked the panache of Toronto F.C. and a lot of other MLS clubs; The Columbus Crew are stockpiling on a group of coaches well known in MLS and U.S. National team circles.

Gregg Berhalter, Josh Wolff, and Pat Onstad are big names to most American fans (even if Onstad is, well, Canadian).

To be fair, they're all more well-known than the former staff of Warzycha, Lapper, Iribarren, and Bliss.

Whether that leads to something other than being interesting, is yet to be seen.

But, either way, all the stars seem to be oddly on the Crew's coaching bench.

That impressive list of names now includes a lesser known in Dutch coach, former midfielder Robert Maaskant.

Maaskant, a former teammate of Berhalter, has 15 years of overall coaching experience.

Maaskant has mostly made his living in the total footballing of the Netherlands. But, lately has branched out into Eastern Europe and the U.S.; with Wisla Krakow, Dinamo Minsk, and the Texas Dutch Lions.

The Texas Dutch Lions connection is interesting, if it may mean nothing or is just by coincidence.

Either way, it probably didn't hurt Maaskant.

Dutch seem to like to deal with Dutch, so I wouldn't be surprised if Maaskant is involved with the communication end of the Crew-Dutch Lions partnership in some way.

Maaskant was on the payroll of Dutch Lions F.C. owner Mike Mossel in 2012, who the Crew just inked a partnership with (snuggled here in between Berhalter and McCullers).

Maaskant's Houston Dutch Lions of the PDL finished with 5 wins, 9 losses, and 2 ties in 2012.

Maaskant's Dutch Lion stint (in the soccer wilderness of PDL) probably wasn't the highlight of his coaching career; which included a Polish title with Wisla Krakow and UEFA Cup appearances with NAC Breda and Dinamo Minsk.

Yet, to be honest Maaskant has a much more extensive (and well impressive) managerial career than Gregg Berhalter, wonder how that plays out? 

Either way, it's good to have someone in the club with a longer resume on the coaching side of things. Maybe that longer resume, with more stops, will lead to some Crew signings?


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