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Thursday, May 23, 2013

5.23.2013: Sure Beats Phil Bardsley In A Casino

Shawn Sloan and The Keepers keeping it real with the after practice activities..

Sure beats putting cash notes around you, drunk at 4 a.m., right Phil Bardsley?

Thankful that Major League Soccer isn't full of pretentious slobs.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5.22.2013: Crew Once Again Faced With Dutch Lion Elimination Scenario In U.S. Open Cup

Dutch Lions Move On To Face Crew For Second Straight Season, After 4-1 Overtime Result

A bottom of the barrel Dayton Dutch Lions side defeated the Columbus Crew, in the third round of the U.S. Open Cup, last season. 

This year the Dayton Dutch Lions are improved on the field and will be looking forward to a second go at their Major League Soccer neighbors. 

Shintaro Harada, has top level experience in Japan and is a veteran at this level; Irakli Khutsidze is a former U-21 player for Georgia.

That duo has led the Dayton Dutch Lions to a 3-2-1 record to start the 2013 USL Pro season, as well as two U.S. Open Cup wins.

Both have started all six games in central midfield, as well as both Open Cup games. 

These two players will be raring to make an impression against a Major League Soccer side; There not alone, a bunch of young American players on DDL F.C. will be looking to impress the Crew and online scouts/viewers.

That combined with a front office at DDL F.C. that takes the U.S. Open Cup as a very serious tournament, can be a dangerous trap for a Crew side (looking for a breather).

Owner Mike Mossel really stresses going as far as possible in the tournament for recognition of their brand.

That was apparent in the will shown last season, in their defeat of the Crew in the 3rd Round, despite a disappointing USL Pro campaign.

Harada and Khutsidze are not the only talent the Crew will contend with.

They are joined by quality up top in American Gibson Bardsley (on a tear with 4 goals in 6 games).

Bardsley, similiar to Oduro for Columbus, is on an uptick of goal scoring form so far in 2013.

Joel DeLass is another leader in midfield with two goals, playing all 540 minutes. Gregory Preciado has also played all 540 minutes in defense.

On the other side of things, will the Columbus Crew take this tournament a bit more serious to avoid embarrassment a second time? 

Robert Warzycha sides have been lax usually about the U.S. Open Cup. 

Eliminated three out of four times at this 3rd Round juncture, but making the final (against Seattle) the one time they made it past this point.

Considering it could be the only chance they have at glory and CONCACAF maybe the Crew should give it a go?

May 29th will be there chance to set the record straight. 

Losing in the U.S. Open Cup to lower division opposition has never been a popular move with fans, especially with the Cup being named after former Crew Owner Lamar Hunt.

5.22.2013: Oduro Continues Revival in 1-0 Win

Columbus was on the road so they naturally won, and naturally it was Dominic Oduro making the difference.. 

The speedster had 6 goals in 33 appearances last year for the Chicago Fire, this year Dominic Oduro has 5 goals in 11 appearances to lead the Columbus Crew in scoring.

A short list of people saw that in the stars.. 

Few would of expected Dom Oduro to be in black and yellow in 2013, and few would expect him to outpace Arrieta and Higuain at the club this season (especially with that duo's 2012 second half). 

But, that's what is happening this season... 

I'm glad for Oduro. Few people get that chance at redemption, and Dom Oduro is taking his chance by the horns.

Is his revival in Columbus though hurting or disrupting Arrieta and Higuain's ability to connect?

Unfortunately for Arrieta's 2013 campaign it doesn't matter until he scores consistently again. He's going to have to put more on the board, otherwise Oduro is going to be that main man. 

No one will ever disagree with goals in the back of the net.

Whoever, scores the most becomes the target man. The man the opposition has to stop, and right now that is Dominic Oduro.

Friday, May 17, 2013

5.17.2013: Lost The Plot

I can barely read anything on THECREW.com anymore, if I have to read another the Crew "haven't lost faith" article I'm going to puke..

Put your favorite sing song music behind the start of the above, linked article.

"Despite losing its last two matches, both at home, the Crew remains a confident group as it heads to Toronto to kick off the 2013 edition of the Trillium Cup"

Oh, really? 

The Crew have won five points  out of a possible fifteen at home to start the season.

At Arsenal, that sort of start had fans doubting Arsene Wenger.

In comparison, our front office is more worried about updating us on the decrepit scoreboard (several times with several articles) or on how close we've been, for the last two years, on getting stadium naming rights. 

So, any crow calls you have over a 2-0 loss at home against the Colorado Rapids save it.

The Crew front office and ownership is never going to do something extreme, they rather play it out for five years. Even getting them to fire Greg Andrulis was a long drawn out process. So, good luck.

Yes, it should be like Manchester City, if you lose a FA Cup Final against Wigan, then it's lampshades Roberto Mancini. 

So, why? Oh, why is no result in Major League Soccer important anymore? Especially with this team?

Losing 2-0 at home against the Colorado Rapids is just unacceptable. I see perhaps a rival sneaking one in at home, but 2-0 against Colorado, with their long flight? If were not winning that one at home, were in trouble... 

If you can't win that, were going to have problems picking up points anywhere this year.

Since 2008, the Crew have never lost more than three home games in a season, they've lost two in two weeks. This my friends is a problem. 

And, if you want to over-dramatize, perhaps a crisis (but your assumptions on what goes on in the Crew locker room are as good as mine).

And, sure, four of those years, of 3 losses or less, were with Robert Warzycha. 

But, has he ever been good enough as a coach? Can he inspire? Or can he just make a decent club decent? And is that good enough?

I don't think so. Does anyone even really care though? Do the owners?

That may be the only thing that works. 

I couldn't tell you the direction of the organization? I couldn't tell you what Warzycha wants out of his team? 

I don't think anyone in the organization is legitimately trying to connect with the fans (beyond perhaps Frankie Hejduk). 

The biggest story forever this season has been the naming rights for the stadium, how is this news until it happens? And do any of us care?

Did Browns fans get into a tivvy of excitement when their stadium was renamed First Energy? Nope, who gives a crap?

We want results on the field, not updates on how close the Crew organization is to reaching their goals (no one cares until you reach them).

And Warzycha has played for this club for six years (his longest tenure) and has been involved with the club ever since. I don't think he needs to act like Paolo Di Canio, but some emotion wouldn't be a bad thing?

So, what's the next step.. Well, tell us TheCrew.com..

Columbus Crew manager Robert Warzycha likes to keep his starting lineup a secret from the media, but it wasn't too hard to figure it out for a few weeks when he went with the same XI for four straight matches earlier this season (nice run-on by the way).

When asked who would be paired at center back because of injuries, Warzycha said..

"We'll see." 

The rest of the article pretty much tells you nothing, and makes you wonder why the Columbus Crew wrote the article in the first place.

Captivating, but hey don't worry about that READ MORE: About the Crew players showcasing their talents on twitter.

When this organization begins to take themselves a little more serious, perhaps they will gain more fans. 

I can assure you the people in the corner take it serious, for everyone else it seems like decent is decent enough.