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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5.1.2013: Copa Libertadores No Brainer To Higuain, Or Well Anyone

FC Bate Borisov doesn't say "we've qualified for the Champions League, but were unsure if we can compete.." Higuain tells MLS to put their big boy pants on.
Source: Simon Borg, MLSSoccer.com
CONMEBOL wants Major League Soccer clubs in Copa Libertadores (the South American version of the European and Concacaf Champions League) by 2015.

Problem with that is MLS clubs have yet to win their own Champions League. Plus, it's a long distance to travel.

Like a Crew road game to Los Angeles is a short distance?

Higuain appears to be keen on the chance to compete in Copa Libertadores for his new club Columbus Crew. 

And really any American club that wants to increase it's global brand and a chance at glory should be keen; they should want the option every year of playing in an electric Copa Libertadores.

Corinthians of Brazil run in 2012

Higuain stated on the chance:

"I think it would be very important for MLS. Competing against teams that have a long history would be a step forward. … I think when you compete, you get better and even more so when you're able to compete against an entire continent and against different styles of soccer and different ways of living the sport. It can help all of us get better."

Major League Soccer, in a South American Champions League, can also lead to more South American fans exposed to MLS clubs and more South American players. Top notch ones perhaps.

Think about it, if going to Red Bull New York doesn't end your dreams of winning a Copa Libertadores title and you can go after it with Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill, some players may say eventually why not?

The travel hasn't stopped Mexican clubs from taking part, this eventually will be the case as well, I believe, for Major League Soccer.

The risk is worth the reward. 

If a Major League Soccer club wins our Champions League, "okay you can compete with Mexico." If a Major League Soccer club eventually wins Copa Libertadores (or puts a good showing in) "okay you can compete with Brazil and Argentina."

This eventually will be what legitimizes the league in Europe and worldwide.

4.30.2013: Hopefully..

I hope this is the case, and not just a case of a really bad D.C. United defense that the Crew can easily overpower...

4.30.2013: Trending On This Tuesday...

Lenhart continues to bash, Robbie Rogers back in soccer, Tommy Heinemann is back to health and scoring in Vancouver, and more.

1. Crew players got to hang out with WWE Monday Night Raw performers and appeared on television on the USA Network.

Pictures and more are on the Crew blog, click here.

2. Robbie Rogers has been in contact with NBA Center James Collins, 34, who recently came out as gay.

Rogers congratulated him for also coming out. The article also said that Rogers was back in MLS.

Collins from SI.COM:
But some people would put soccer up there, too (as a big four sport), and Robbie Rogers has already blazed a trail there. I'm just trying to live my life authentically."

The recently retired and now recently unretired Rogers, who phoned Collins yesterday while driving to a Los Angeles Galaxy tryout, said, "It feels a little weird to congratulate you for being honest."

3. Tommy Heinemann is back to health and scoring, getting the game winner last night in Edmonton (for the Canadian Championship/easiest way to CONCACAF Champions League). 

4. Steven Lenhart just being bad. Look at this foul

4.30.2013: #DonGarberAnnouncement On Thursday At Crew Stadium

What is it Don? Man City Sheik will be our new owner, Farmers Insurance our new stadium sponsor?

There will be an announcement at Crew Stadium after training on Thursday, May 2nd from MLS Commissioner Don Garber

The announcement may or may not have anything to do with the Columbus Crew..

And if it does... It will probably be to announce our new stadium rights deal with a Columbus Fire Alarm company; In exchange for free fire alarms (and perhaps fire awareness- if late negotiations work in our favor).

It could also be to announce the 20th MLS team? Or some sort of Man City NYC2 Franchise news? 

All joking aside I'm sure there will be some Columbus announcement, perhaps paired with a couple other MLS league announcement hints.

If you have a good guess of what brings Garber here, get in on the fun with the twitter hashtag: #DonGarberAnnouncement.

Crew fans have guessed everything from Allstate as the owner of Stadium rights, to Polaroid cameras for Nordecke "come-lately's" that like to take pictures, to Man Citeh legend/new Crew player Glauber convincing Man City's ownership to become the new owners of the Columbus Crew.

What do you think?

4.30.2013: Konrad Warzycha Has Debut

4.30.2013: Konrad Warzycha Has Debut

The 24 year old, Warzycha, didn't do bad coming on for some defensive help in a game the Crew were 3-nil up. The Warzycha's become the second MLS father and son duo to play for the same club (or probably any MLS club). 

Some Crew fans declared nepotism (an amusing youtube video by a Crew fan worth a look on that subject matter). And, yeah being someone's son probably helps when your battling for a roster spot.

But, Konrad seems like a good, hard working kid that deserves a chance to prove himself. 

He's also another hometown type player.

"To get that first appearance for the Crew, especially with the crowd we had here tonight-- everybody was electrified, it was a dream come true."

Monday, April 29, 2013

4.30.2013: The Crew Scoreboard

4.30.2013: The Crew Scoreboard 

 A little video I made patching together some of my favorite amateur videos from Saturday's scoreboard disaster:

 The Columbus Crew Stadium scoreboard engulfs in flames during warmups 15 years after it was built. It's still unclear whether it was a bird nest, electrical failure, or the 1970 speakers that the Columbus Crew refurbished from Cleveland Browns Municipal Stadium. Or could it be the work of this guy?

 Thank you goes out to youtube users Derrick Tussey, Bananaluver3, redfoxme53, and Fox Sports Ohio for the memorable footage.

4.29.2013: Crewture Oduro Tribute Video

Pic By Sam Fahmi

4.29.2013: Crewture Oduro Tribute Video

All four goals from Dominic Oduro's 8 games as a Columbus Crew player:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4.9.2013: Quick Thoughts- Attendance, Ben Speas Success Bodes Well For Wil Trapp, Matias Sanchez and Glauber

Speas might open the way for Wil Trapp (Pic by Sam Fahmi/Massive Report.com)

4.9.2013: Quick Thoughts- Attendance, Ben Speas Success Bodes Well For Wil Trapp, Matias Sanchez and Glauber
By Ryan Kozlowski/Crewture.com

1.) Attendance: 10,293 on a beautiful Spring day is not good. On the other hand, the Nordecke was sold out once again, looking better numbers wise than last season when the section had a lot more empty seats.

Perhaps the Columbus Crew should consider putting another section and more tickets into the supporters hands? Apparently what there doing in that corner is working a little better, since it looks like the stadium could tip over on television. 

2.) Wil Trapp: A big success so far in the early part of this 2013 season has been Ben Speas, the kid looks to have a quality above many other new additions in the midfield in recent years (apart from Higuain). 

Wil Trapp was a star down in Mexico for the recent U.S. U-20's tournament, and could he eventually see more minutes in defensive midfield?

Fans haven't been completely impressed overall with Danny O'Rourke in 2013 (although he played well this past Saturday), Viana was subbed off at half time (part of Warzycha's comments that some starters may be a little too comfortable with their starting position), and Sanchez has been disappointing or unable to make a case for himself in his limited minutes.

Why not give Wil Trapp a run out?

3.) Matias Sanchez and Glauber

Crew fans have been critical of Sanchez. I think he hasn't been great in his limited minutes and had a ridiculous foul when he entered the game on Saturday. But, really I would table any real opinion on him until he gets 90 minutes at some point. I think that may come soon either from an injury (were a bit due on that front) or perhaps maybe Viana gets a game off. 

Glauber on the other hand, has started each game and gets a lot of grief because of his pace. But, on Saturday, McInerney's goal wasn't because of Glauber being burnt but more rather him being the only defender to get back. 

In comparison to some of the center backs we had last year, I think Glauber will be fine, especially if the rest of his defense doesn't get so out of position (as they did on a few occasions on Saturday). 

4.9.2013: Columbus Crew vs. Philadelphia Union, Nordecke Pics

By Sam Fahmi, Massive Report, Entire Picture Gallery Here:

4.9.2013: Crew Need To Make More Of Their Possession, Drop Two Points Because Of Finishing & Defensive Overruns

Oduro salvages a point, in a 1-1 tie vs. Philadelphia Union

4.9.2013: Crew Need To Make More Of Their Possession, Drop Two Points Because Of Finishing & Defensive Overruns
By Ryan Kozlowski/Crewture.com

The "lack of energy" that Warzycha describes in the first 45 minutes I did not see. What I would consider as the focus to take from this past Saturday, in a 1-1 tie with the Philadelphia Union, is a lack of finishing.

Columbus was better in the second half and perhaps played with a little more impetuous energy; but, Columbus also seemed to have a boat load of chances in the first half and was in charge of the game before getting caught out on a Philadelphia counter.

I did enjoy how Columbus passes the ball over most of the 90 minutes.

The Crew, as a group, were very calm and methodical in possession. They were aware that sometimes the best way to go forward is sometimes to go back.

Maybe a poor man's, American version of the Spanish tiki-taka; either way Columbus is out-possessing most of their opponents and that is a good thing.

But, against Philadelphia, when that favorable possession would finally put them in an area the Crew would badly miss the target. 

Ben Speas had a good game but had about 3 or 4 opportunities that were well off the mark, Oduro played well but skyed one, and Arrieta had a few misses as well. 

If Columbus improves on their finishing that is an easy 4-1 victory and then Warzycha doesn't have to comment about "energy."

In contrast to the Crew's dangerous opportunities, Philadelphia was only dangerous when Columbus sent too many guy's forward.

When this happened in the game, about 3 times, the jail break was on for the Philadelphia Union and Jack McInerney finished his jail break in the first half (against the run of play).

Perhaps the defense is pushing too far up. But, Williams and Wahl rushing back, with the immobile Glauber the only guy in front of Greunebaum is not a good situation. 

That happened about three times on Saturday and needs to be fixed. 

Nevertheless, those chances for Philadelphia were limited as were their domination of the ball, so that is a game that Columbus needed to win at home if they want to stay in striking distance of Montreal and Sporting Kansas City. 

That is the type of game that if you win, your part of that elite group and if you can only come back for a tie, your going to be a middle of the pack team. 

Philadelphia had a few more attempts on goal in the game, but they were speculative, except for McInerney's jail break and Hoppenot's chance or two in the second half. 

The Crew need to finish and make more of their possession. 

The Crew on Saturday completed over 100 more passes than Philadelphia did, had 56.7% percent of the possession, and won 56% percent of the 50-50 duels. 

When Columbus does this they need to make more of that possession, and when they get into favorable positions (like Speas did a good job of doing so in both halves) they have to score.

A good performance against Montreal this upcoming Saturday, would go a long way towards re-establishing their direction and confidence in this early part of the season.

Man of the Match: Dominic Oduro. A lot of energy and was one of the more dangerous Crew players on the day. Got the goal he deserved.

Columbus definitely made out on the trade of Dilly Duka for Oduro.