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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1.29.2013: Too Good For Columbus Crew

1.29.2013: Too Good For Columbus Crew

Robbie Rogers, Dilly Duka, Sebastian Miranda, and Milovan Mirosevic tolerated Columbus at times.. But, absolutely seemed to hate it here.

Rogers played like he just took nyquil before the game for two of the five years he was here..

Miranda had a promising first year, but phoned his game in from a grape orchid in Chile his second.. 

Milovan Mirosevic scored 46 goals in 108 games in Chile, and then came to Columbus and scored 4 measly penalties in 26.. 

Mirosevic played like a goal scoring panther in Chile and then played like an i'm so soft kitten in Columbus? Why? Probably because the Chilean league is bad (no more recruiting there)..

Duka always seemed disappointed to be in Columbus, and realized this year that he didn't really like Warzycha either. He just can't go on for Columbus, and rather play for the Chicago Fire (you can sum up his issues right there).

Unfortunately for Duka he may be stuck, unlike the others, in Columbus playing soccer in 2013.. 

Awe poor baby.

"I will say this," Bliss added. "If this thing doesn't go through with the team we're dealing with, then the next call will be to Dilly that he will have to pack his stuff up and head out to Columbus again."

I for one really hope he has to. I really enjoy personally when people have to do things they don't want to *kidding*.

But to be real, It's sometimes good for players to not take the easy way out.

I was kind of miffed when Mirosevic wanted to leave, and Bliss said he was staying, and then the Crew a week later conceded and said he could go.

You got a year left on your contract, be a professional, and play it.

If you stunk it up or just had an okay overall year the previous season, prove yourself.

I can't believe Mirosevic would settle for 4 crap goals in 26 appearances in MLS and say "well that's my legacy, let me go back to Catolica where I'm comfortable and can score my tap ins."

Overall, I'm rarely surprised in soccer and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if both sides begrudgingly got on with it and Duka has an All Star year in 2013 on the wing (even if some don't like his attitude he's probably still better out there than Meram, Anor, Speas, etc.)

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if he went to Chicago and failed and the next time we hear of him he's playing for some indoor team.

I just hope for him he makes the right decision.

Btw, I Can Almost Guarantee Robbie Rogers Is Never Playing On The Wing Again In Columbus

Don't take me wrong I would take a motivated Robbie Rogers in a second.

It would be a good vibe to get our two wingers, back on the wings, that helped us to a 2008 MLS Cup win.

Just in 2009 and 2010, he didn't really have any points and just looked disinterested at times. Then Robbie Rogers picked it back up in 2011 just in time to go to Leeds United.

At Leeds, Rogers was injured a lot (made 4 appearances) then went on loan with Stevanage and couldn't even really impress them.. And now he's club-less. 

If he wants back in MLS, Columbus holds his rights.. He'll either end up with Columbus or the Crew will get something for another MLS team to negotiate with Rogers..

I think the second is more likely.. 

Going back to Columbus would be like moving to Las Vegas for a job, losing all your money partying, and moving back into your mom's basement. 

I think the LA Galaxy, as a California boy, would be where he ends up.

Nevertheless... I wouldn't be too upset if Duka or Rogers ends up on the wing, even if they rather pull their nails out then spend another season here; because both players are probably better than any other option we will have to start the 2013 season opposite Gaven.

And both have to grow up and mature at some point. 

Yet, it's not always all the players fault (sometimes soccer organizations and FO's can be just as immature), but if you score the goals or make things happen consistently over 90 minutes once your contract's up you can go wherever you want (then everyone will hate the coach for not doing everything to keep you).

If you don't like a coach that's the best way to go.

Monday, January 28, 2013

1.28.2013- Trialist Sercan Gets Green Card; Viana Excited

1.28.2013- Trialist Sercan Gets Green Card; Viana Excited About Columbus Opportunity Based On Tweet

Trialist Sercen Guvenisik has done himself well so far by scoring for the Crew in their preseason 1-0 win vs. D.C. United, he may have done himself another favor by procuring a green card:

Columbus could look at Sercan as a cheap backup for Jairo Arrieta when Arrieta is away with Costa Rica or perhaps injured. 

Sercan has quality and experience that Aaron Schoenfield and Ryan Finley perhaps do not have yet, got to wonder if a green card was what the Crew required? 

Below Sercan's tweet, is Agustin Viana who appears to speak English well and has an excellent message to welcome himself to the club. Welcome Agustin.

1.28.2013: Crew Sign Left Back Agustin Viana

1.28.2013: Crew Sign Left Back Agustin Viana

Every Crew fan was perhaps expecting to hear the news that Matias Sanchez was finally signed by the Crew.

Instead, the Crew today threw a curveball and signed left back/defensive midfielder Agustin Viana, 29. 

The signing was quite a surprise as Columbus were never really linked with Viana until they signed the Uruguayan (who was born in Chicago and holds American dual citizenship) today.

Perhaps some Crew fans were worried that this meant the Sanchez deal was off the table as Viana was described as a defender/midfielder.

But, the Crew play two DM's usually. 

Further it depends on the health of Danny O'Rourke where Viana may play; Viana could pair up in DM with Sanchez if or when O'Rourke is injured, and when O'Rourke is healthy he can  slot into left back. 

This is what I expect the Crew to look like on opening day:

I believe Viana is going to be the main left back, but the Crew says "Viana can play multiple positions" so other left backs Wahl or Anor don't get frustrated in preseason, while no one in midfield gets too comfortable, as they now have another competitor.

Viana has some pretty good experience the past 2 or 3 seasons as he's played in the top divisions of Uruguay and Greece, and Serie B of Italy. 

In Greece:

In Uruguay:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1.27.2013: Sanchez Says "Deal With Columbus Close."

1.28.2013: Sanchez Says "Deal With Columbus Close."

On Friday, Matias Sanchez, according to El-Dia (who appear to be Sanchez media outlet of choice), has left Estudiantes. 

Under the title, "Sanchez completes his cycle at Estudiantes" the 25 year old former Argentine youth international said, "it was time for a change of scenery" and that he's close to a deal with Columbus of the MLS.

Talking about his possible fate with the Columbus Crew. 

"It is close, but there is nothing closed, were talking. I chose talking to my family, I think it is a good choice, a different football. Not as seen, but is competitive, is a bet but hopefully all goes well."

First off, I like how Sanchez words that. It's a level-headed assessment. 

Secondly, Columbus needs to hope all goes well and by that I mean that they get this deal done ASAP

A centre back pairing of Glauber Berti and Chad Marshall, while imposing at 6'3 and 6'4, will be painfully slow.

Columbus needs a defensive middie like Sanchez to be able to clean things up around them. Sanchez is fast and diminutive, he's young and has an engine. Sanchez's highlights (below) remind me of a defensive Messi, in terms of his frame and engine, he just never stops and has a high work rate.

The signing of Berti isn't bad if the Sanchez deal doesn't get done. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Columbus went ahead with Berti, expecting they could get Sanchez to sign as well.

As Berti would make more sense if Columbus signs a defensive midfielder with pace; since Sanchez can sit in front of the defense and be that conduit from defense to offense, as otherwise Williams is probably the only mobile back in the back four and O'Rourke (the other DM) isn't that speedy either.

A starting DM pairing of Tchani and O'Rourke (with Trapp off the bench) in front of a slow back four wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence. So, if Sanchez doesn't get done this week hopefully Columbus has a Plan B.

If Columbus does get the deal done...
Sanchez would really give the off-season makeovers a real sense of purpose and direction, and probably give the Crew the momentum to get the last few puzzle pieces (another LB, a forward for when Arrieta is with Costa Rica) over the next month before the season begins.

1.27.2013: Non-Roster Invitee Guvenisik Scores

1.27.2013: Non-Roster Invitee Guvenisik Scores

Turkish player Sercan Guvenisik, 32, was the difference maker for the Columbus Crew in a 1-0 preseason defeat of D.C. United on Saturday.

Guvenisik has plied his trade almost exclusively in the German lower divisions, with his best run of form coming in the 08-09 season with 2nd Bundesliga side SC Paderborn (17 tallies in 39 outings).

Last year Guvenisik made a move stateside with the San Jose Earthquakes, but was unable to impress (0 goals in 5 outings) and is now trying to catch the eye of Robert Warzycha.

If Sercan's play doesn't catch Warzycha's eye..

Perhaps his past girlfriends will..

Or his full length back tattoo..
That helped him channel this Beckham effort (for San Jose Reserves)..

Guvenisik ended with a hat trick on that day.

Here's Guvenisik at his best run of form for Paderborn in 08'-09':

An outsider perhaps to make the team, but probably has a better chance than other non-roster invitee's Witkowski, Hyland, Brettsneider, and Bascom.

Friday, January 25, 2013

1.25.2013: Is Dominic Oduro Enough For Duka?

1.25.2013: Is Dominic Oduro Enough For Duka?

The short answer I believe is yes. The long answer is I even feel better about it if you throw in the allocation money with it, but still yes.

This deal was first rumored on January 17th, so there is obviously some stumbling block being 8 days after the fact. 

But, Oduro was a raw pro with FC Dallas, when he only had 9 goals in 70 appearances, and didn't blow anyone away at Houston either with only 6 in 44.

I wasn't mesmerized with him then, he was fast but erratic and didn't make the best decisions in the final third. 

Yet, he's showed something in his latest spell with Chicago.

Oduro has 18 goals in 66 appearances, he's put some maturity/soccer knowledge with that pace and athletic ability.

In 2011, he showed in his best season with 12 goals in 29 appearances, and Higuain should be able to unlock some doors for a speedy forward.

Best of all he's still only 27. Most strikers have their best years between 28 and 32, and Oduro is showing the form that he's ready to explode.

If you put Higuain and his ability to put passes on the dot to Arrieta, and then when your worried about Arrieta, you have Oduro's speed coming through, it's going to be a lot for MLS defenses to worry about.

Even if Oduro does not start always, he is a danger off the bench. I personally like the move as Duka was never happy in Columbus, so good riddance to him, lets see what Oduro can bring.

Oduro highlights:

1.25.2013: Matias Sanchez Done Deal Perhaps Now

1.25.2013: Matias Sanchez Done Deal Perhaps Now, Estudiantes Removes Road Blocks

Crew legend Guillermo Barros Schelotto talked to Federico Higuain about coming to Columbus.

And here we have yet another Argentine perhaps headed our way, and you have to wonder if "the Guillermo effect" is making this a possibility.

There only seems to be positives with Matias Sanchez:
1.) Matias Sanchez is only 25. 
2.) At 25, he already has 130 Primera A Division appearances in Argentina.
3.) He was involved with the 2007 Argentine U-20 World Cup Winners.

Sanchez has fallen out of favor with his latest manager at Estudiantes, and hasn't even been used as a substitute as of late.

This January window Copa Liberadore clubs Colo Colo in Chile and Penarol in Uruguay both had an interest in Sanchez but for whatever reason couldn't work out a deal with the Argentine defensive midfielder.

But on January 17th Crew officials had discussions with Sanchez about a one-year contract and Sanchez attempted to disassociate from his Estudiantes contract then, according to El Dia.

The road block by Estudiantes appears to be out of the way now, as of last night, finally Sanchez came to an agreement that allowed him to part ways with Estudiantes, once again the following quote from El Dia:

Sanchez, meanwhile, is all set with the MLS Columbus U.S., but only finished last night officially disassociating from Estudianties. Turns out there was very fine numbers that were not resolved and so the signing was delayed.

Sanchez would be a good capture for a Columbus team that values a defensive midfielder more than most, as they usually play two.

And a Friday signing would be a good way to end a week that started with the departure of Milovan Mirosevic.

1.25.2013: Horton to Fk Sarajevo?

1.25.2013: Aaron Horton to FK Sarajevo?

"For a long period, we followed this footballer and we decided to give him a chance to impose himself on the coaching. If I give the green light, he will stay in FK Sarajevo," said Fk Sarajevo manager Dragan Jovic.

It's a small world if a manager in Sarajevo, Bosnia has been following a Crew reserve player for a long time, who has a total of 1 senior appearance for Columbus against Stoke City in a friendly.

If the Crew set up the Aaron Horton loan idea to Fk Sarajevo, you got to be bemused with where the Crew have sent Horton.

First Dayton, then Sarajevo, where to next Darfur? The Australian Outback?

Anyway, good luck to Horton, he's better off plying his trade there as he has a ways to go to overcome Arrieta, Higuain, Meram, Finley, and perhaps Oduro on the Crew's depth chart.

But, football has a funny way of surprising you. 

Watch Horton flourish at FK Sarajevo, go to Shaktar Donetsk, and then end up at Chelsea. 

That would be so Crew.

1.25.2013: Glauber- Crew Sign Man City Folk Hero

1.25.2013: Glauber Berti- Crew Sign Man City Folk Hero

The Columbus Crew have signed Gláuber Leandro Honorato Berti, 29, as the man to solidify the central defense with Chad Marshall in 2013.

The Crew have trumpeted their big signing by saying that the Brazilian has a wealth of experience with such storied clubs as Manchester City and FC Nurnberg. 

Now before you say, "omg, former Man City.. what a steal.." Here's a description from the legendary English footy mag When Saturday Comes on Glauber Berti's time with the Manc's:

As the season wore on, his consistent performances as a non-playing substitute began to gain him true cult status. The thread on the Blue Moon website "Top Facts About Glauber Berti" ran to 35 pages, the "facts" growing increasingly inventive and bizarre. My favourite was his ability to eat a fruit pastille without chewing it.

If your confused on what a fruit pastille is, think halls cough drop.

Here's the applause Berti received when he graced the City of Manchester Stadium for his six minutes of fame:

Here's what he usually did, as that one signing too many you perhaps made in football manager, who the board of directors always say "were happy with your overall performance and current run of form, but greatly disappointed in the signing of Glauber Berti."

Fortunately, Berti got a chance to be a little more effective at Nurnberg of the Bundesliga with 51 appearances from 2005-2008.

And with Rapid Bucharest of the Romanian First Division with 46 appearances from 2010-2013. 

Yet in neither place was he an out and out, every day starter.

In this clip, (go to 4:32) Glauber scores his first goal (which might of not have been a goal) in professional football since 2003:

It appears Glauber can't get a break even when he scores, as he almost starts a full-scale riot in Romania.

Lately, Glauber has been a non-factor at Bucharest, hopefully that isn't the case on a refurbished Columbus back-line in 2013.

On a glass-half full sort of thing, I'm sure Glauber has enough experience to be very resourceful. No other player on our roster has 50 Bundesliga appearances, not even former fan favorite Frankie Hejduk (19 with Bayer Leverkusen), and Glauber is still 29, and not mid-30's.

So, will see with Berti, or will we?

1.25.2013: USL Pro/MLS Partners, But What Club Will Crew Affiliate With?

1.25.2013: USL Pro/MLS Partners, But What Club Will Crew Eventually Affiliate With?
By Ryan Kozlowski

US Soccer and it's pyramid have been busy this off-season.

Two days ago, Major League Soccer and USL Pro announced a surprising, long-term partnership

The first official step in that partnership includes each MLS Reserve League team competing against a USL Pro team in a home-and-home series in 2013; where the results of those two games will count both on the USL Pro schedule and the MLS Reserve League schedule.

Beyond that it gets a bit confusing.. From USL-Pro's website:

Each club affiliation will be customized to meet the needs of the respective teams, but all will include at least four players on long-term loan from the MLS parent club to its USL PRO affiliate. Which will make USL-Pro much more competitive. 

Those MLS teams with formal USL PRO affiliates will not participate in the 2013 MLS Reserve League. Neither MLS nor USL PRO clubs are required to enter into an affiliation, and specific affiliations will be announced in the coming days.

So, if you have a USL Pro affiliate you can't participate in the 2013 MLS Reserve League. So far, DC United and Sporting Kansas City have partnered up with the Richmond Kickers and Orlando City respectively. Therefore, some of their reserves will have to spend the 2013 season with Richmond or Orlando City depending on club, since their Reserve side has been dissolved.

The 2013 USL Pro/MLS Reserve Schedule below appears to reflect that (as DC and SKC are not mentioned, Chivas USA will not play a part this year, teams like Philadelphia Union and Portland must be looking at an affiliate this year because there unmentioned).

The Columbus Crew is mentioned, their reserves will face the Dayton Dutch Lions first team twice in a home and home series.

Antigua Barracuda FC vs. FC Dallas & San Jose Earthquakes
Charleston Battery vs. Houston Dynamo
Charlotte Eagles vs. Chicago Fire
Dayton Dutch Lions vs. Columbus Crew
Harrisburg City Islanders vs. Colorado Rapids
Orlando City vs. Seattle Sounders FC
Phoenix FC vs. Real Salt Lake
Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs. Toronto FC
Richmond Kickers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC 
Rochester Rhinos vs. Montreal Impact
Wilmington Hammerheads vs. New York Red Bulls

Since this schedule is set I'm guessing the decision has already been made on which teams have selected an affiliate this season, and a decision can't be made until next season on an affiliate for the Columbus Crew (or any MLS team above) because it would akimbo this schedule.

Which is fine because you should feel out who you want to be affiliated with anyway. 

If the Crew pick an affiliate next season. There are only perhaps four clubs left worth partnering for the Columbus Crew in terms of the USL-Pro..

The solid organizations (Rochester Rhinos, Charleston Battery)~

Rochester Rhinos home, Sahlen's Stadium

Rochester Rhinos- Upside Organization has been around as long as MLS, since 1996.  Have had a soccer specific stadium since 2006. Have been in 1st or 2nd place in the USL Pro standings for the last three seasons. Have a talented young roster, with Isaac Kissi and some former young MLSer's like Tam McManus and Danny Earls. 

Beautiful stadium.. 

Downside Had around 10,000 fans for first 11 seasons, now have dropped to around 5,000; makes one wonder if organization is on downturn or it's just constant league changes for the club.

Also, have seen some other constant changes, the name of the stadium has changed from PAETEC Park, to Marina Auto Stadium, to Sahlen's Stadium over the past three years (and usually that isn't because of an increase in cash for naming rights, but companies dropping out of a naming rights partnership).

Charleston Battery- Upside Been around since 1993, before MLS. 5,100 seat stadium has been around since 1999, as long as the first MLS soccer-specific stadium (consequently also the Columbus Crew). Average attendance of 3,500 nearly forever.

Downside- Pretty far away if you want to check on your reserve players.

The Close, Upstart or Revamped Organizations (Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. and Pittsburgh Riverhounds)~ Worked with Dutch Lions F.C. and have met/interviewed some Pittsburgh Riverhounds staff, think both are most likely.

Dayton Dutch Lions F.C.- Upside First off, I think since the Dutch Lions took Aaron Horton off the Crew's hands on loan instead of Pittsburgh last season, it appears that's who Columbus has had more relations with. 

Partnering with the Dutch Lions would eventually mean your partnering with two clubs, because they'll eventually have the Texas Dutch Lions at a different level in the US soccer pyramid as well and they have that overseas connection with FC Twente. Which down the road could lead to a filter of Dutch youth to Columbus Crew to shape up before going back overseas for Twente's reserve or first team, if perhaps Columbus was a better fit compared to DDL's first team for that respective player. 

If DDL gets enough Dutch talent eventually from Twente and other Dutch teams to come over then there may be enough to spread to Columbus and DDL based on their talent level.

Columbus could get a few Dutch players that can play at a higher MLS level, DDL F.C. gets those that can compete at a USL Pro level, and both send them back to Twente eventually or sign them if there not good enough for the Dutch top flight.

Everyone could possibly get a little out of it and be happy with that deal.

The owners are ambitious, and are focusing on youth academy set up. Plus, there only 45 minutes from Columbus, which makes it pretty easy to keep tabs on your reserve players which is also a plus. Also, Aaron Horton was already there, so maybe that was a good precursor of how other loans would go between the clubs (if it went well).

Further, they now have been around for four seasons which shows the club isn't a flash in the pan.

Downside The Dutch Lions ownership is ambitious, and there's only 45 minutes between the clubs; it may be awkward that the two are affiliates when they eventually could be battling over the same kids for their youth programs. The two clubs may eventually get in the way of each other.

Also, with ambition I don't know if the Dutch Lions want to be a junior partner of anyone. On the other hand, it could be helpful in improving the Dutch Lions USL Pro team, by adding four loan players; since their USL Pro team has been near the bottom of the table the last two seasons.

Further, attendance has declined in 2011 and 2012 compared to 2010 when DDL F.C. were in a lower division (PDL). And, further, there the only one out of the four teams not to have their own soccer specific stadium.

Also, when I was there in 2010 there wasn't much of an exchange between DDL and Columbus, but there could be more communication now.

Pittsburgh Riverhounds- Upside I think the Riverhounds and Columbus Crew have a lot in common, both are going for the blue collar type look (neither has been seen as the trendy or super club in their respective leagues). Further, some things are lost in translation with the Dutch, compared to another American owned team, and the Dutch are always looking to make big (sometimes perhaps unrealistic) statements.

Further, the Riverhounds have a big season upcoming. In 2013, they open their Highmark Stadium in the trendy North Shore area in Pittsburgh located right downtown. A lot of Crew fans contend that the club would be more of a contender if they were able to build a stadium downtown, and the Riverhounds have already done that. 

If 2013 goes well, in their 3,500 seat stadium downtown, perhaps the Riverhounds would make sense. The Crew Reserve players would perhaps rather live in Pittsburgh and be playing here, than living in Dayton playing on a high school football field.

But, eventually the Dutch Lions could try to change that and build their own stadium.

Downside An up and down history, could use a big boost with this new location. The team took a year off in 2007 and has moved locations often since it's inception in 1999. Lately, they average about 1,000 but that could get a boost in the new location.

Overall, I think it's a very light partnership (at least in the beginning), this USL-MLS club thing. I mean the Dutch Lions have ambitious owners and so does Orlando, I don't see the Dutch Lions ownership or Orlando City ownership wanting to be a junior partner of anyone. So, I'm interested in exactly what kind of partnership this is between USL and MLS clubs? 

Also, what does this mean for NASL? Does that mean eventually they drop below USL Pro in the soccer pyramid?

Further, sometimes this seems like two clubs being forced to affiliate when sometimes neither has much in common or can't get too much out of it. 

It's confusing currently how it will all work out. Therefore, it's best for Columbus to take a look at their options and make a decision next year.

Columbus has one of the best MLS Reserve sides the last few years, and that's been working for them with the development of Josh Williams and Eric Gehrig, among others.

The Crew should want there reserves in proper hands, and that comes down to if Bliss, Warzycha, McCullers, etc. think that one of these clubs can do just as good of a job training the Crew's up and coming players.

What USL Pro side do you think could do a good job with Crew players?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

1.3.2012: Crew Sign Tyson Wahl, Could Be A Good Move

1.3.2012: Columbus Crew Sign Tyson Wahl
By Ryan Kozlowski

The Crew have signed Tyson Wahl. Wahoo! Your probably as excited as when you first saw Federico Higuain doing his ballet around the field in black and yellow.

Ok maybe not. But, a strong, tall defender with experience is never a bad thing and maybe Columbus is a place where Wahl can actually get a chance.

Wahl will likely be regarded as left back depth, but I'm sure he will get a chance to fight for a spot. I mean no one has that left back spot locked down now obviously, or since Gino Padula's legs left him a few years ago.

The 28-year-old is a MLS professional and journeyman with 85 appearances. He's the only, sort of, left back we have right now but I don't know yet if I would consider him the opening day starter. I would however consider him as a better option at left back now than left back converts Bernardo Anor and Ethan Finlay. Expect Wahl, however, to play a significant enough role in 2013 with our injury history, starter or not.

And even if he is only considered in the end as good depth that is no slight on Wahl, after slashing five defenders in the offseason we need some good depth. 

Wahl struggled finding a home at Montreal and Colorado last year, so I'm sure Wahl would be just happy with staying in one MLS city for a full season. 

However, he could be one of those surprise signings that sneaks his way into the starting back four.

The 6'2 defender had his best spell with Seattle from 2009 to 2011 making 39 appearances. Wahl has something to prove nevertheless as he's yet to become an out and out starter with a MLS team.

One thing I would like to see Wahl do is take his one goal in his MLS history, and make it two this season with the Crew:

That would be a good start, Welcome Mr. Wahl

1.3.2012: Crew May Have A New "Polish" Interest

1.3.2012: Forget Jelen, Crew May Have A New "Polish" Interest
By Ryan Kozlowski

28 year-old "Polish" international/Frenchman Ludovic Obraniak told Le Republican Lorrain on Dec. 27th that he would like to go to America at some point in the near future:

"Now I also like to take my time, I enjoy family moments with my daughter. It comes with age, no doubt! I have nearly three hundred Ligue 1 games in the legs, a nice list. I am calm. Soon it will be time for me to see football as fun first. Why not joining Major League Soccer? I've always loved the United States, and my wife has lived there. "

Obraniak is however still under contract with Bordeaux, for multiple years, and doing well with over 30 appearances in 2012. He's still doing enough of this (in the video below) from his midfield position, that going to MLS now would be kind of silly.

Jelen would love to still be able to do that in Ligue 1, so why is Obraniak saying this now?

So, more than likely this is Obraniak way of saying, "hey, MLS would be nice after I'm done with Ligue 1 and done playing internationally at like 32."

Not particularly newsworthy, is it draft time yet?

As there's no way Obraniak's looking to leave Bordeaux at 28 to play for the Colorado Rapids or Columbus Crew.

But, if Obraniak were, Warzycha may be an attractive option.

Not exactly to have someone to speak Polish with as Obraniak speaks none. But, instead to keep the possibility of getting called up with the Polish NT alive.

As Polish Head Coach Fornalik is a friend of Warzycha's. Secondly, the Crew are possibly a good winger away, to balance Gaven, from being a legitimate MLS Cup contender for the first time since 2008; and Obraniak is a very good winger that hugs the touchline. 

Not sure where a 28 year old Obraniak would fit into MLS though if he were serious? A team like Columbus, San Jose, FC Dallas, etc. don't have the money to afford him and teams like Los Angeles and NYRB that could, rather spend that money on a name. 

Perhaps Seattle would be a place for Obraniak if he were to come in the near future. Seattle's not dependent on a big name to sell tickets and merchandise, and Sigi can always use a good European winger in his 20's.