Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12.10.2013: Dominic Oduro Turns Down Overseas Opportunities, Re-signs, Can He Outpace 2013 Total?

"He wanted to stay in Columbus." "Could of made more money elsewhere, but wanted to stay in Columbus." "Loves the support he gets here in Columbus." Some of the words from new Manager Gregg Berhalter on Dominic Oduro's decision to re-sign with Columbus.

The Columbus Crew reported that Oduro turned down offers from Scandinavian clubs, a team in Greece, and a few additional Arabic countries.

I looked everywhere online, google Greece, google Norway, google Sweden, google United Arab Emirates (which makes some interesting reading), and absolutely nothing. Only some websites stating, without any additional source, that the Greek club was from the top flight.

No leaks on the internet could likely mean that Oduro always saw himself back in Columbus, scoring goals, and didn't want a bunch of information out there about other contract offers.

Either way, I'm glad that Dominic Oduro is back with Columbus.

Returning your leading goal scorer should always be a priority.

Oduro 2013 Highlights:

Does Oduro eclipse his 13 goal mark in 2013? I think he may be close, but won't have to because likely he will be put on the wing and someone else will share the burden.

I believe the Crew will sign another striker or two, and probably trade or release a couple after camp. Waylon Francis likely means the Crew wants to run up and down both wings, anchoring things in the middle with DM's and the CB's who can cover. So, it's likely the Crew will want Oduro's speed out wide. (Vote it in the poll to the right).

Also, Oduro adds another element, entertainment:


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