Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11.27.2013: Sanchez Back In Argentina, Williams Signed But No Oduro, Etc.

**According to El-Dia, Matias Sanchez (left) has already been back in Argentina for over a week, after receiving permission to train with former club Estudiantes to work on his fitness as he looks for a new club.

From all inclinations online, it doesn't look like Matias Sanchez is looking for a lowered offer from the Columbus Crew. It's most likely Sanchez could work his way back up with a Primera B side in Argentina. 

**Jairo Arrieta is up in the air as well, could not find anything in depth on where he stands back in Costa Rica. 

One would think Waylon Francis could use the help of Jairo Arrieta to get settled in Columbus, and therefore Arrieta may be still in the picture under a restructured deal.

One thing is for sure, I don't think the Crew can afford to enter 2014 without either of their top strikers in 2013, as Arrieta and Oduro are unsigned and unaccounted for recently.

**What's even more disconcerting as far as Oduro and Greunebaum are concerned is that only Williams was announced, with a pair of other new signings, today

Plus, the Crew picked up a fourth goalie, which means there likely to stake their future on Matt Lampson. 

Whereas that might make sense financially (especially considering Greunebaum's recent fitness), can the Crew not do their all to sign Dominic Oduro? Their leading goalscorer last year?

Dom's 13 goals outpaced any Crew striker/attacker in a season including Higuain, Arrieta, Mendoza, and every other target in recent years. 

Plus his goal scoring is comparable to GBS. 13 goals for his price tag is a steal and he isn't one of the issues that needs fixed.

Oduro would be the perfect second striker, and the Crew (with this extra money from all these cuts) should go out and find themselves a world class striker to pair him with. 

Schoenfeld and Finley are not up to the task yet, like Oduro, other then as subs.

**Matt Wiet was signed as a homegrown player by the Columbus Crew. The defender had a solid collegiate career, finished college, and then went on to sign last season with USL Pro club Dayton Dutch Lions F.C., where he made four appearances.

Only four appearances with a 3rd division club may mean Wiet won't be ready for professional ball at the MLS level for a good while yet. Definitely looking at a depth project, but good to see another homegrown player after Horton left.

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  1. Wiet tore his ACL after four games, for the record.