Thursday, November 14, 2013

11.14.2013: Doesn't A Crew Need A Demolition Man?

The Columbus Crew have said they have no cap space.

No Matias Sanchez, no Eddie Gaven, still no cap space? 

I think the Crew will have $300,000 to $400,000 to play with; after all the waivers and player movement in the upcoming weeks.

Should just have enough room to make Eddie Johnson a designated player. 

Whoa.. Why would we ever do such a thing?

Perhaps because the Columbus Crew could use a relevant US National Team player, in their starting lineup, on a weekly basis.

It's smart for business. Eddie Johnson is a player that is recognizable to US soccer fans. 

What better thing to have in a very important year for US Soccer, a player that could possibly be in or around Klinnsmann's starting eleven. What better way to be relevant in MLS Soccer?

It's also good for Eddie Johnson. A smaller (Dempsey-less) market is where Eddie Johnson could be the star. 

A move to Columbus hasn't been bad for Dominic Oduro. I think it would help Eddie Johnson in a similar way.

In Columbus, Eddie Johnson could just focus on his soccer and that's probably what he needs before possibly his last World Cup.

New Crew Head Coach, Gregg Berhalter,  hinted that the Crew have some good pieces and there might not be as much tweaking as people expect. 

Maybe the Crew just needs that one big signing to pull it all together.

Players like Wil Trapp, Ben Speas, and Kevan George will be much improved. Arrieta and Oduro could play some midfield, on the wings, as well.

Put Higuain, Arrieta, and Oduro, either behind or around Johnson and I think good things would happen.

Saying that will it happen? No.


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