Thursday, November 14, 2013

11.14.2013: Crew Making Room For Another Ghanaian, Asiedu Attobrah?

Dominic Oduro is trying to re-up for another season with the Columbus Crew, under new manager Gregg Berhalter. 

Could he be joined by a young Ghanaian talent? a U20 attacking player in Asiedu Attobrah? 

According to Ghana, in August, a loan move to Columbus was a done deal for Attobrah.. For next January 2014 that is. 

But, since that report, the Columbus Crew has a new owner in Anthony Precourt, a new coach in Gregg Berhalter, a new scout (since Bliss is the guy who scouted and is now fired), and a new guy to sign off on deals, once again, Berhalter.

As of today, Attobrah is still throwing around the Columbus Crew name, along with Scandinavian top clubs; to hopefully up the price tag of Ghanian powers Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, who are in a transfer battle for the young speedster.

With that in mind,

Chances of seeing Attobrah: 1%, Put this rumor to bed. 

More than likely this was a Brian Bliss move, and the Crew brain-trust left will want to prove that they are smarter than Brian Bliss at acquisition moves (which no offense, in terms of man hours, there probably not). 

Bliss has been evaluating talent, both academy and senior side, more than all the rest combined by a lot

But, all the bru-ha-ha over Attobrah and his loan rumor was probably either Attobrah's agents move (trying to get a client more money domestically) or Bliss's move. A new owner stops all business on that end until the next offseason. A new coach is going to look onto other targets, that are his targets.

With our luck, watch Attobrah become the next Gyan or Essien.
If we sign him, watch him be more inconsistent than Emmanuel Ekpo.

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