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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11.27.2013: Sanchez Back In Argentina, Williams Signed But No Oduro, Etc.

**According to El-Dia, Matias Sanchez (left) has already been back in Argentina for over a week, after receiving permission to train with former club Estudiantes to work on his fitness as he looks for a new club.

From all inclinations online, it doesn't look like Matias Sanchez is looking for a lowered offer from the Columbus Crew. It's most likely Sanchez could work his way back up with a Primera B side in Argentina. 

**Jairo Arrieta is up in the air as well, could not find anything in depth on where he stands back in Costa Rica. 

One would think Waylon Francis could use the help of Jairo Arrieta to get settled in Columbus, and therefore Arrieta may be still in the picture under a restructured deal.

One thing is for sure, I don't think the Crew can afford to enter 2014 without either of their top strikers in 2013, as Arrieta and Oduro are unsigned and unaccounted for recently.

**What's even more disconcerting as far as Oduro and Greunebaum are concerned is that only Williams was announced, with a pair of other new signings, today

Plus, the Crew picked up a fourth goalie, which means there likely to stake their future on Matt Lampson. 

Whereas that might make sense financially (especially considering Greunebaum's recent fitness), can the Crew not do their all to sign Dominic Oduro? Their leading goalscorer last year?

Dom's 13 goals outpaced any Crew striker/attacker in a season including Higuain, Arrieta, Mendoza, and every other target in recent years. 

Plus his goal scoring is comparable to GBS. 13 goals for his price tag is a steal and he isn't one of the issues that needs fixed.

Oduro would be the perfect second striker, and the Crew (with this extra money from all these cuts) should go out and find themselves a world class striker to pair him with. 

Schoenfeld and Finley are not up to the task yet, like Oduro, other then as subs.

**Matt Wiet was signed as a homegrown player by the Columbus Crew. The defender had a solid collegiate career, finished college, and then went on to sign last season with USL Pro club Dayton Dutch Lions F.C., where he made four appearances.

Only four appearances with a 3rd division club may mean Wiet won't be ready for professional ball at the MLS level for a good while yet. Definitely looking at a depth project, but good to see another homegrown player after Horton left.

11.27.2013: In Depth- Waylon Francis Signing

Waylon Francis, 23, takes the next step in his career at Columbus. 
Waylon Francis is a left back, speedster highly regarded by the vast majority of CS Herediano and Costa Rican fans as a future national teamer.

One Costa Rican fan, Ronald Obaldia, wrote about Francis's move to the Columbus Crew "W. Francis, I admire the talent of this young player, in addition to his sense and spirit of excellence. Great for him, even for our selection."

That sentiment was echoed by some on Costa Rican websites after the news broke, even though another distinct group of CS Herediano fans insulted Francis for leaving.

But, he has stated that he will look to play out the season, including being submitted to the CS Herediano club list in January, should they make the final stages of their Championship after the new year.

It's a goal that I always wanted, I proposed it since I came to Herediano, since I started my first tournament. wanted to be champion as the first target and then play outside. For this, it gives me the opportunity, "

The Costa Rican player looks to make his next step in his career "by playing outside" Costa Rica with the Columbus Crew, because in his opinion MLS is a higher level.

"I always looked out for my interests as well as my families as a traditional family person and for my future, without harming Herediano." 

But, will he succeed where teammate Olman Vargas could not and where Jairo Arrieta had above average, but perhaps inconsistent results? 

Francis, during the first leg of the Costa Rican semifinals, has most recently dealt with racial slurs from rival fans.  

Seen as an integral part of CS Herediano, he has received one national team cap. More than likely good results at Columbus Crew could lead to more caps for the speedster.

Waylon Francis is valued at $300,000 Euro by transfer markt. But, likely came to the Crew for half of that because Francis needs the opportunity as well and there is no guarantee that he will win the left back position outright.

Monday, November 18, 2013

11.18.2013: Did Columbus Misevaluate Bright Dike

Selected by the Columbus Crew in the 2010 draft, 12th overall from Notre Dame. 

To months later, not even being good enough to make the 28 man Columbus Crew roster; According to Robert Warzycha's evaluation.

To scoring against Italy today in a Friendly for World Cup bound Nigeria..

It's been an interesting road for Bright Dike. 

The strange thing is Dike hasn't even blown away MLS circles since then. Only grabbing 7 goals in 30 MLS appearances since being let go by Columbus.

In contrast, things have been much brighter for Dike with Nigeria, with 2 goals in 3 appearances for the Super Eagles. Nigeria is World Cup bound and Dike may now be in the picture.

Could it be that some players don't have success in MLS but shine and do better on a higher stage (think Herculez Gomez)? Or did the Columbus Crew miss out on a genuine striker that flew under the radar for the last three years?

Either way, it is pretty amazing that someone that just scored for Nigeria, that the Crew drafted in the first round, couldn't make the roster.

Especially when compared to some of the other strikers the Columbus Crew have given a chance and paid money to since then.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

11.14.2013: Doesn't A Crew Need A Demolition Man?

The Columbus Crew have said they have no cap space.

No Matias Sanchez, no Eddie Gaven, still no cap space? 

I think the Crew will have $300,000 to $400,000 to play with; after all the waivers and player movement in the upcoming weeks.

Should just have enough room to make Eddie Johnson a designated player. 

Whoa.. Why would we ever do such a thing?

Perhaps because the Columbus Crew could use a relevant US National Team player, in their starting lineup, on a weekly basis.

It's smart for business. Eddie Johnson is a player that is recognizable to US soccer fans. 

What better thing to have in a very important year for US Soccer, a player that could possibly be in or around Klinnsmann's starting eleven. What better way to be relevant in MLS Soccer?

It's also good for Eddie Johnson. A smaller (Dempsey-less) market is where Eddie Johnson could be the star. 

A move to Columbus hasn't been bad for Dominic Oduro. I think it would help Eddie Johnson in a similar way.

In Columbus, Eddie Johnson could just focus on his soccer and that's probably what he needs before possibly his last World Cup.

New Crew Head Coach, Gregg Berhalter,  hinted that the Crew have some good pieces and there might not be as much tweaking as people expect. 

Maybe the Crew just needs that one big signing to pull it all together.

Players like Wil Trapp, Ben Speas, and Kevan George will be much improved. Arrieta and Oduro could play some midfield, on the wings, as well.

Put Higuain, Arrieta, and Oduro, either behind or around Johnson and I think good things would happen.

Saying that will it happen? No.

11.14.2013: Crew Making Room For Another Ghanaian, Asiedu Attobrah?

Dominic Oduro is trying to re-up for another season with the Columbus Crew, under new manager Gregg Berhalter. 

Could he be joined by a young Ghanaian talent? a U20 attacking player in Asiedu Attobrah? 

According to Ghana, in August, a loan move to Columbus was a done deal for Attobrah.. For next January 2014 that is. 

But, since that report, the Columbus Crew has a new owner in Anthony Precourt, a new coach in Gregg Berhalter, a new scout (since Bliss is the guy who scouted and is now fired), and a new guy to sign off on deals, once again, Berhalter.

As of today, Attobrah is still throwing around the Columbus Crew name, along with Scandinavian top clubs; to hopefully up the price tag of Ghanian powers Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, who are in a transfer battle for the young speedster.

With that in mind,

Chances of seeing Attobrah: 1%, Put this rumor to bed. 

More than likely this was a Brian Bliss move, and the Crew brain-trust left will want to prove that they are smarter than Brian Bliss at acquisition moves (which no offense, in terms of man hours, there probably not). 

Bliss has been evaluating talent, both academy and senior side, more than all the rest combined by a lot

But, all the bru-ha-ha over Attobrah and his loan rumor was probably either Attobrah's agents move (trying to get a client more money domestically) or Bliss's move. A new owner stops all business on that end until the next offseason. A new coach is going to look onto other targets, that are his targets.

With our luck, watch Attobrah become the next Gyan or Essien.
If we sign him, watch him be more inconsistent than Emmanuel Ekpo.