Thursday, July 11, 2013

7.11.2013: Should Crew Fans Stop With The "Fire Warzycha" Protest Signs?

Crew fans (on Sunday's match against Portland Timbers) put a Robert Warzycha pink slip in the hands of a Guillermo Barros Schelotto life size cut out. All section banners were upside down as a sign of distress as well.

7.11.2013: Should Crew fans stop with the "Fire Warzycha" protests?

Since the New Year, there has been 1,477 posts on a "Fire Warzycha, 2013 Edition" thread. I believe there was a 2010, 2011, and 2012 version as well. It's like a Harry Potter series at this point.

In Ex-Arsenal Paul Merson's book, "How Not To Be A Professional Footballer," he said a "manager and a player always know when the writing is on the wall for a manager" and that's when fans start chanting and putting up signs. 

Except if your Steve Kean at Blackburn, then you can take a team down no matter how many signs. 

But, anyway, are the "Fire Warzycha" protests pointless? Yes.

Some have been complaining about Warzycha's management for a long time. Those people should make a shirt that says "complaining about Warzycha since 2010." But, the writing has never been on the wall. GM McCullers has always given Warzycha his "vote of confidence" and the owners are focused on the NFL Chiefs. 

Further, have Columbus ever been a completely results based organization under Hunt Sports Group? Hmm, don't know about that.

And, are the "Fire Warzycha" protests unnecessary at this point in the season? Yes, and here's why.

It would make more sense if we were not in July and 3 points out of the playoffs. Where do Crew fans expect this small market team to be at this point? Did you really expect us to run away with the league, with or without the roster we had on opening day?

At this point in the season, degrading the coach is more hurtful than helpful. 

Just look at Mexico, do you think booing de la Torre and throwing bags of water at him, for nearly a meaningless game against Panama (they still play Canada and Martinque), is going to help them win the Gold Cup? Is a poisonous atmosphere at Estadio Azteca going to help Mexico win the World Cup? 

At some point it just gets annoying, the soccer world gets it Mexico. You don't like how Mexico is playing, shocker. 

Further, I bet at this point Warzycha is immune to this sort of thing. But, the thing is there isn't going to be any changes when were still in the playoff hunt mid-season. So, it's stupid.

Plus, Warzycha, is a former player and has been with the organization forever. 

So, why don't the fans get behind this man that has dedicated so much time at the club. At least for the rest of this season?

Either, he figures it out this year and gets us into and deeper in the playoffs. 
Or, we miss the playoffs, end the season at the bottom with D.C. United, or bow out of the playoffs in the first round again.

If the second couple of scenarios occur, he's either going to leave or McCullers will be forced to go in another direction. 

But, it's better at this time not to stop something in motion, and instead see where it goes. 

Crew fans would be better off supporting the club and the club's manager for the rest of this season.

Turn your banners the right way and get behind the gaffer.


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