Thursday, July 11, 2013

7.11.2013: Bernardo Anor Taking His Chances With Another Opportunity

7.11.2013: Bernardo Anor Taking His Chances With Another Opportunity

Bernardo Anor, 25, was drafted by the Columbus Crew in 2011. 

The Caracas FC youth player, whose dad also played soccer professionally in Venezuela, has been on the edges of a much better Venezuelan national team setup.

Anor, for that matter, has also been perennially on the edges of the Columbus Crew starting eleven. 

For the Columbus Crew, the USF player has had his peaks and valleys.

He scored a goal in 2011 and 2012, and has started on average 5-6 games a year, making an appearance as a substitute in another 14 games. 

This year, mainly this Summer, Anor has matched his usual 5-6 starting appearances. 

But, the good news is the Venezuelan has a whole other half of the season to pick up starts and score goals. 

Crew fans said that Bernardo Anor was one of the best players, in Sunday's win, against the 15 game unbeaten Portland Timbers. The same result came from Craig Merz over at 

Further, Anor has doubled his goal tally in the last two games, taking his total from 2 to 4 during his three year span with Columbus: 

Not bad with the headers from a 5'8 guy.

Hopefully, this past week helps Anor's confidence and he can be the replacement for Gaven during the rest of this season.

If he can keep up this scoring touch it will definitely help Columbus pick up some points.


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