Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5.22.2013: Oduro Continues Revival in 1-0 Win

Columbus was on the road so they naturally won, and naturally it was Dominic Oduro making the difference.. 

The speedster had 6 goals in 33 appearances last year for the Chicago Fire, this year Dominic Oduro has 5 goals in 11 appearances to lead the Columbus Crew in scoring.

A short list of people saw that in the stars.. 

Few would of expected Dom Oduro to be in black and yellow in 2013, and few would expect him to outpace Arrieta and Higuain at the club this season (especially with that duo's 2012 second half). 

But, that's what is happening this season... 

I'm glad for Oduro. Few people get that chance at redemption, and Dom Oduro is taking his chance by the horns.

Is his revival in Columbus though hurting or disrupting Arrieta and Higuain's ability to connect?

Unfortunately for Arrieta's 2013 campaign it doesn't matter until he scores consistently again. He's going to have to put more on the board, otherwise Oduro is going to be that main man. 

No one will ever disagree with goals in the back of the net.

Whoever, scores the most becomes the target man. The man the opposition has to stop, and right now that is Dominic Oduro.


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