Friday, May 17, 2013

5.17.2013: Lost The Plot

I can barely read anything on anymore, if I have to read another the Crew "haven't lost faith" article I'm going to puke..

Put your favorite sing song music behind the start of the above, linked article.

"Despite losing its last two matches, both at home, the Crew remains a confident group as it heads to Toronto to kick off the 2013 edition of the Trillium Cup"

Oh, really? 

The Crew have won five points  out of a possible fifteen at home to start the season.

At Arsenal, that sort of start had fans doubting Arsene Wenger.

In comparison, our front office is more worried about updating us on the decrepit scoreboard (several times with several articles) or on how close we've been, for the last two years, on getting stadium naming rights. 

So, any crow calls you have over a 2-0 loss at home against the Colorado Rapids save it.

The Crew front office and ownership is never going to do something extreme, they rather play it out for five years. Even getting them to fire Greg Andrulis was a long drawn out process. So, good luck.

Yes, it should be like Manchester City, if you lose a FA Cup Final against Wigan, then it's lampshades Roberto Mancini. 

So, why? Oh, why is no result in Major League Soccer important anymore? Especially with this team?

Losing 2-0 at home against the Colorado Rapids is just unacceptable. I see perhaps a rival sneaking one in at home, but 2-0 against Colorado, with their long flight? If were not winning that one at home, were in trouble... 

If you can't win that, were going to have problems picking up points anywhere this year.

Since 2008, the Crew have never lost more than three home games in a season, they've lost two in two weeks. This my friends is a problem. 

And, if you want to over-dramatize, perhaps a crisis (but your assumptions on what goes on in the Crew locker room are as good as mine).

And, sure, four of those years, of 3 losses or less, were with Robert Warzycha. 

But, has he ever been good enough as a coach? Can he inspire? Or can he just make a decent club decent? And is that good enough?

I don't think so. Does anyone even really care though? Do the owners?

That may be the only thing that works. 

I couldn't tell you the direction of the organization? I couldn't tell you what Warzycha wants out of his team? 

I don't think anyone in the organization is legitimately trying to connect with the fans (beyond perhaps Frankie Hejduk). 

The biggest story forever this season has been the naming rights for the stadium, how is this news until it happens? And do any of us care?

Did Browns fans get into a tivvy of excitement when their stadium was renamed First Energy? Nope, who gives a crap?

We want results on the field, not updates on how close the Crew organization is to reaching their goals (no one cares until you reach them).

And Warzycha has played for this club for six years (his longest tenure) and has been involved with the club ever since. I don't think he needs to act like Paolo Di Canio, but some emotion wouldn't be a bad thing?

So, what's the next step.. Well, tell us

Columbus Crew manager Robert Warzycha likes to keep his starting lineup a secret from the media, but it wasn't too hard to figure it out for a few weeks when he went with the same XI for four straight matches earlier this season (nice run-on by the way).

When asked who would be paired at center back because of injuries, Warzycha said..

"We'll see." 

The rest of the article pretty much tells you nothing, and makes you wonder why the Columbus Crew wrote the article in the first place.

Captivating, but hey don't worry about that READ MORE: About the Crew players showcasing their talents on twitter.

When this organization begins to take themselves a little more serious, perhaps they will gain more fans. 

I can assure you the people in the corner take it serious, for everyone else it seems like decent is decent enough.

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  1. After faithfully following the Crew since their inaugural season. This year I was so totally disgusted with the condescending attitude of my ticket rep that I made the decision to forego purchasing any tickets for the season. It seems the Crew as an organization is going out of their way to alienate what little fan base they have. Maybe the Hunt family is hoping someone will buy the team and relocate it to another city citing lack of local support. I really don't care anymore.