Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5.1.2013: Copa Libertadores No Brainer To Higuain, Or Well Anyone

FC Bate Borisov doesn't say "we've qualified for the Champions League, but were unsure if we can compete.." Higuain tells MLS to put their big boy pants on.
Source: Simon Borg, MLSSoccer.com

CONMEBOL wants Major League Soccer clubs in Copa Libertadores (the South American version of the European and Concacaf Champions League) by 2015.

Problem with that is MLS clubs have yet to win their own Champions League. Plus, it's a long distance to travel.

Like a Crew road game to Los Angeles is a short distance?

Higuain appears to be keen on the chance to compete in Copa Libertadores for his new club Columbus Crew. 

And really any American club that wants to increase it's global brand and a chance at glory should be keen; they should want the option every year of playing in an electric Copa Libertadores.

Corinthians of Brazil run in 2012

Higuain stated on the chance:

"I think it would be very important for MLS. Competing against teams that have a long history would be a step forward. … I think when you compete, you get better and even more so when you're able to compete against an entire continent and against different styles of soccer and different ways of living the sport. It can help all of us get better."

Major League Soccer, in a South American Champions League, can also lead to more South American fans exposed to MLS clubs and more South American players. Top notch ones perhaps.

Think about it, if going to Red Bull New York doesn't end your dreams of winning a Copa Libertadores title and you can go after it with Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill, some players may say eventually why not?

The travel hasn't stopped Mexican clubs from taking part, this eventually will be the case as well, I believe, for Major League Soccer.

The risk is worth the reward. 

If a Major League Soccer club wins our Champions League, "okay you can compete with Mexico." If a Major League Soccer club eventually wins Copa Libertadores (or puts a good showing in) "okay you can compete with Brazil and Argentina."

This eventually will be what legitimizes the league in Europe and worldwide.


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