Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4.9.2013: Quick Thoughts- Attendance, Ben Speas Success Bodes Well For Wil Trapp, Matias Sanchez and Glauber

Speas might open the way for Wil Trapp (Pic by Sam Fahmi/Massive Report.com)

4.9.2013: Quick Thoughts- Attendance, Ben Speas Success Bodes Well For Wil Trapp, Matias Sanchez and Glauber
By Ryan Kozlowski/Crewture.com

1.) Attendance: 10,293 on a beautiful Spring day is not good. On the other hand, the Nordecke was sold out once again, looking better numbers wise than last season when the section had a lot more empty seats.

Perhaps the Columbus Crew should consider putting another section and more tickets into the supporters hands? Apparently what there doing in that corner is working a little better, since it looks like the stadium could tip over on television. 

2.) Wil Trapp: A big success so far in the early part of this 2013 season has been Ben Speas, the kid looks to have a quality above many other new additions in the midfield in recent years (apart from Higuain). 

Wil Trapp was a star down in Mexico for the recent U.S. U-20's tournament, and could he eventually see more minutes in defensive midfield?

Fans haven't been completely impressed overall with Danny O'Rourke in 2013 (although he played well this past Saturday), Viana was subbed off at half time (part of Warzycha's comments that some starters may be a little too comfortable with their starting position), and Sanchez has been disappointing or unable to make a case for himself in his limited minutes.

Why not give Wil Trapp a run out?

3.) Matias Sanchez and Glauber

Crew fans have been critical of Sanchez. I think he hasn't been great in his limited minutes and had a ridiculous foul when he entered the game on Saturday. But, really I would table any real opinion on him until he gets 90 minutes at some point. I think that may come soon either from an injury (were a bit due on that front) or perhaps maybe Viana gets a game off. 

Glauber on the other hand, has started each game and gets a lot of grief because of his pace. But, on Saturday, McInerney's goal wasn't because of Glauber being burnt but more rather him being the only defender to get back. 

In comparison to some of the center backs we had last year, I think Glauber will be fine, especially if the rest of his defense doesn't get so out of position (as they did on a few occasions on Saturday). 


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