Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4.30.2013: Konrad Warzycha Has Debut

4.30.2013: Konrad Warzycha Has Debut

The 24 year old, Warzycha, didn't do bad coming on for some defensive help in a game the Crew were 3-nil up. The Warzycha's become the second MLS father and son duo to play for the same club (or probably any MLS club). 

Some Crew fans declared nepotism (an amusing youtube video by a Crew fan worth a look on that subject matter). And, yeah being someone's son probably helps when your battling for a roster spot.

But, Konrad seems like a good, hard working kid that deserves a chance to prove himself. 

He's also another hometown type player.

"To get that first appearance for the Crew, especially with the crowd we had here tonight-- everybody was electrified, it was a dream come true."


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