Sunday, March 24, 2013

3.24.2013: Oduro and Higuain Most Effective Combination?

Dom might be the ehh signing, that ends up being the difference signing!

I like Arrieta.. 

 But when Oduro plays up top, with Higuain sneaking up behind.. Oduro stretches so much field and then Higuain is an expert at picking out those spaces behind, how can you not start the same lineup next time out? 

 An Oduro one time shot off of Higuain's deft chip late in the second half would of been a goal nine times out of ten.. Oduro has been a hell of a signing up top, like it or not him and Higuain might just be the most effective combination.. Like a tall forward with a short fast forward milling around, they just fit together. 

 This win isn't getting enough credit right now by Crew fans. DC was 19 unbeaten, your looking at a Crew side that is tough. And Speas was phenomenal, he is surprising the crap out of me.



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