Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2.5.2013: Nothing Personal, Just Business

Nothing Personal, Just Business (An Inside Look At The Duka and Rogers Rights Trade)

You may be saying to yourself, "what the hell do the Sopranos have to do with a trade of Dilly Duka and the rights of Robbie Rogers?"

Short answer not much. 

Long answer, 
In The Sopranos tv series or any mafia movie, there's always a scenario where the mobsters should:

a.) really kill off someone for breaking the code of conduct

b.) but then the mobsters have second thoughts, think about the good times they've had with violator, the business the violator brought in, blah blah blah, and table what they all really know they should do for a few weeks or months

c.) the few weeks or a month passes, it seems like your all friends again and just going on a good boat ride, and then your reminded of there fat lying face, and bam they are traded to Shitcago or the ocean.

In this mobster scenario (turned elaborate soccer metaphor).. This is putting an issue to bed... Or tying up a lose end. Sometimes you don't like to do it, but it just has to be done.

What I like most about the Dominic Oduro deal is it tied up two loose ends in one swoop.

No longer have to hear... what are we going to get out of Rogers rights? Will Rogers come back someday? Will Duka be forced to play and pout under Warzycha? Nope over. Nothing personal, just business. Issue to bed, sleep with the fishes.

Both topics have been overdone and I'm all for putting clarity to the loose ends.. The less distractions the better.

Same with Mirosevic.. He doesn't want to be here? Ok, put the issue to bed. Sort out the locker room.. "Red rover, red rover, whoever wants to stay here, come over."

Some have responded to the call.. And I would've honestly been fine to tie up the loose ends with a bag of peanuts and a Playboy.. But, Oduro and company seem much more palatable and well... responsible. 

They also have promise.

Oduro, for example, had 7 goals in half a season with another Argentine midfielder who could pass (Grazziani who was not as good as Higuain).. With Higuain pulling the strings there's even more of a possibility of getting use out of Oduro (2013) compared to Duka (of 2012) or Rogers (who was checked out mentally from 2009-2011).

The Crew did the best they could do.. They got rid of two grey fogs over the club, replaced them with someone who appears to really want to be here, who brings pace and something different..

Oduro overall bagged 12 goals in 2011.. Could he do even better here? I can almost guarantee Higuain and Gaven's distribution is better than what he's had or perhaps will ever have. And he's 27.. Strikers usually peak from 28 to 32, or they say..

If it doesn't work out, well I can guarantee Duka and Rogers never would of for us again with 90 percent certainty.. Nor perhaps whatever we traded Rogers rights for otherwise. 

If it doesn't work then can't hate for trying..

And at the very least, it adds two more logs to the build a bonfire rivalry known as the Crew and the Fire..


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