Monday, February 4, 2013

2.5.2013: Get Behind Your Players

2.5.2013: Get Behind Your Players

Crew fans have been going back and forth on whether Dominic Oduro was the right deal for what the Crew dealt (Dilly Duka, and the rights for Robbie Rogers). There are still questions about other new additions on top of FreakyFast.

But, I think not only on-the-field will Columbus be stronger, but the off-the-field personality and mood of the team has improved as well.

All you need to know, is the following:

And for other new additions:

Yes, A LOT of players say nice things on twitter when they join a new team... But.... here comes the cliche preseason, new transfer, wonderment and hope talk, drum roll.. it really feels like these new acquisitions seem to mean it.

Crew fan: "Hehe tell me more about my beautiful city Viana.. I'll so retweet and favorite."

If they do.. They should mesh well with other players that seem happy to be here like Eddie Gaven, Chad Marshall, and Josh Williams..

Even if they don't, at least it's a good sign that our new signings are not idiots. Got to give props to Dominic Oduro and Viana especially, they've done well to get on the good side of the fans with some kind words from the get go.. They still have to do it on the field, but there twitter posts are a smart first step..

Nothing gets fans all googly-eyed more than positive ego-inducing twittering and best of all, it takes minimal effort.


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