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2.3.2012: Thoughts From Fire Preseason Friendly

Ryan Finley has been impressive in preseason.

2.3.2012: Thoughts From Fire Preseason Friendly, & Overall

Did not get a chance yet to see the New York Red Bulls game, but watched the Fire preseason friendly the other night. If you haven't caught it, it's here:

My random thoughts from this game:

**High pressure game plan and the fact that Warzycha kept imploring his side, on the sideline, to play high pressure more and more was a good sign. The Crew starters looked way more composed, and passed and moved better than Chicago. Really should have had a goal or two more.

**I really hope the Fire sign their goalie trialist Neal Kitson, it looked like he was trying to gift the Crew a goal with his distribution. He was god awful. On the other hand, Lampson appears to be one of the more technically gifted keepers I've seen for the Crew and appears to make good decisions.

He did have one hiccup second half, but so did about everyone.

Daniel Withrow seemed pretty good as well, didn't seem to be much of a step down, as long as he's not a Noah Palmer were good as far as a third keeper.

**Ryan Finley, unlike the Vargas types and American forward types that have cycled through the Crew over the past few years, will be useful. Not the most technically gifted, but has an incredible engine for a big guy and will allow you to play a high pressure game. 

He's a nightmare for defenders and hassled the Fire back four. Things will bounce to him and I could easily see him bagging 10 goals if he gets the opportunities this season. Good pick up.

**Viana made a couple mistakes but looked good at other times. Very mobile, can get up and down the field, definitely a box to box type. Appears to be a good pickup. 

Wahl looked pretty solid too and mobile, another good pickup.

**Sercan Guvinisik didn't hurt his chances with another goal. He seems like another cerebral player like Federico Higuain, good passer as well. That may be a good backup just in case Higuain has any injuries.  

**Out of all the trialists, I liked Blake Brettschneider. I think he's definitely one guy you have to sign, especially with Duka out of the picture; I could see Brettschneider making a midfield position his own if he continues to play that well.

**Hyland and Warzycha were not bad, not amazing, but did good things as well. I liked Warzycha's efforts to take the ball off the Fire in midfield, Hyland might be in because we don't have many left backs. 

**Actually the least impressive players against the Fire were Ben Speas and Wil Trapp. Speas looked slow and was dispossessed at times (did a few good things) and Wil Trapp is quick and turns the ball well to jump start an attack but disappeared at times. Perhaps they didn't stick out as much as the trialists because the trialists jobs are on the line.

But, Chad Barson looks like good depth for Williams at right back, and was solid in defense when he came in. 

Overall, a lot of positives to look at and we still have to add Glauber Berti, Matias Sanchez, Jairo Arrieta, Andy Greunebaum, and Dominic Oduro to this group.

It appears the Crew are headed in a positive direction. 

Chicago on the other hand looked like a disheveled, out of shape mess at times. I don't think Larentowicz and Lindpere in the middle is enough to keep the rest of that team up in the standings.


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