Thursday, January 3, 2013

1.3.2012: Crew Sign Tyson Wahl, Could Be A Good Move

1.3.2012: Columbus Crew Sign Tyson Wahl
By Ryan Kozlowski

The Crew have signed Tyson Wahl. Wahoo! Your probably as excited as when you first saw Federico Higuain doing his ballet around the field in black and yellow.

Ok maybe not. But, a strong, tall defender with experience is never a bad thing and maybe Columbus is a place where Wahl can actually get a chance.

Wahl will likely be regarded as left back depth, but I'm sure he will get a chance to fight for a spot. I mean no one has that left back spot locked down now obviously, or since Gino Padula's legs left him a few years ago.

The 28-year-old is a MLS professional and journeyman with 85 appearances. He's the only, sort of, left back we have right now but I don't know yet if I would consider him the opening day starter. I would however consider him as a better option at left back now than left back converts Bernardo Anor and Ethan Finlay. Expect Wahl, however, to play a significant enough role in 2013 with our injury history, starter or not.

And even if he is only considered in the end as good depth that is no slight on Wahl, after slashing five defenders in the offseason we need some good depth. 

Wahl struggled finding a home at Montreal and Colorado last year, so I'm sure Wahl would be just happy with staying in one MLS city for a full season. 

However, he could be one of those surprise signings that sneaks his way into the starting back four.

The 6'2 defender had his best spell with Seattle from 2009 to 2011 making 39 appearances. Wahl has something to prove nevertheless as he's yet to become an out and out starter with a MLS team.

One thing I would like to see Wahl do is take his one goal in his MLS history, and make it two this season with the Crew:

That would be a good start, Welcome Mr. Wahl


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