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1.3.2012: Crew May Have A New "Polish" Interest

1.3.2012: Forget Jelen, Crew May Have A New "Polish" Interest
By Ryan Kozlowski

28 year-old "Polish" international/Frenchman Ludovic Obraniak told Le Republican Lorrain on Dec. 27th that he would like to go to America at some point in the near future:

"Now I also like to take my time, I enjoy family moments with my daughter. It comes with age, no doubt! I have nearly three hundred Ligue 1 games in the legs, a nice list. I am calm. Soon it will be time for me to see football as fun first. Why not joining Major League Soccer? I've always loved the United States, and my wife has lived there. "

Obraniak is however still under contract with Bordeaux, for multiple years, and doing well with over 30 appearances in 2012. He's still doing enough of this (in the video below) from his midfield position, that going to MLS now would be kind of silly.

Jelen would love to still be able to do that in Ligue 1, so why is Obraniak saying this now?

So, more than likely this is Obraniak way of saying, "hey, MLS would be nice after I'm done with Ligue 1 and done playing internationally at like 32."

Not particularly newsworthy, is it draft time yet?

As there's no way Obraniak's looking to leave Bordeaux at 28 to play for the Colorado Rapids or Columbus Crew.

But, if Obraniak were, Warzycha may be an attractive option.

Not exactly to have someone to speak Polish with as Obraniak speaks none. But, instead to keep the possibility of getting called up with the Polish NT alive.

As Polish Head Coach Fornalik is a friend of Warzycha's. Secondly, the Crew are possibly a good winger away, to balance Gaven, from being a legitimate MLS Cup contender for the first time since 2008; and Obraniak is a very good winger that hugs the touchline. 

Not sure where a 28 year old Obraniak would fit into MLS though if he were serious? A team like Columbus, San Jose, FC Dallas, etc. don't have the money to afford him and teams like Los Angeles and NYRB that could, rather spend that money on a name. 

Perhaps Seattle would be a place for Obraniak if he were to come in the near future. Seattle's not dependent on a big name to sell tickets and merchandise, and Sigi can always use a good European winger in his 20's.


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