Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1.29.2013: Too Good For Columbus Crew

1.29.2013: Too Good For Columbus Crew

Robbie Rogers, Dilly Duka, Sebastian Miranda, and Milovan Mirosevic tolerated Columbus at times.. But, absolutely seemed to hate it here.

Rogers played like he just took nyquil before the game for two of the five years he was here..

Miranda had a promising first year, but phoned his game in from a grape orchid in Chile his second.. 

Milovan Mirosevic scored 46 goals in 108 games in Chile, and then came to Columbus and scored 4 measly penalties in 26.. 

Mirosevic played like a goal scoring panther in Chile and then played like an i'm so soft kitten in Columbus? Why? Probably because the Chilean league is bad (no more recruiting there)..

Duka always seemed disappointed to be in Columbus, and realized this year that he didn't really like Warzycha either. He just can't go on for Columbus, and rather play for the Chicago Fire (you can sum up his issues right there).

Unfortunately for Duka he may be stuck, unlike the others, in Columbus playing soccer in 2013.. 

Awe poor baby.

"I will say this," Bliss added. "If this thing doesn't go through with the team we're dealing with, then the next call will be to Dilly that he will have to pack his stuff up and head out to Columbus again."

I for one really hope he has to. I really enjoy personally when people have to do things they don't want to *kidding*.

But to be real, It's sometimes good for players to not take the easy way out.

I was kind of miffed when Mirosevic wanted to leave, and Bliss said he was staying, and then the Crew a week later conceded and said he could go.

You got a year left on your contract, be a professional, and play it.

If you stunk it up or just had an okay overall year the previous season, prove yourself.

I can't believe Mirosevic would settle for 4 crap goals in 26 appearances in MLS and say "well that's my legacy, let me go back to Catolica where I'm comfortable and can score my tap ins."

Overall, I'm rarely surprised in soccer and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if both sides begrudgingly got on with it and Duka has an All Star year in 2013 on the wing (even if some don't like his attitude he's probably still better out there than Meram, Anor, Speas, etc.)

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if he went to Chicago and failed and the next time we hear of him he's playing for some indoor team.

I just hope for him he makes the right decision.

Btw, I Can Almost Guarantee Robbie Rogers Is Never Playing On The Wing Again In Columbus

Don't take me wrong I would take a motivated Robbie Rogers in a second.

It would be a good vibe to get our two wingers, back on the wings, that helped us to a 2008 MLS Cup win.

Just in 2009 and 2010, he didn't really have any points and just looked disinterested at times. Then Robbie Rogers picked it back up in 2011 just in time to go to Leeds United.

At Leeds, Rogers was injured a lot (made 4 appearances) then went on loan with Stevanage and couldn't even really impress them.. And now he's club-less. 

If he wants back in MLS, Columbus holds his rights.. He'll either end up with Columbus or the Crew will get something for another MLS team to negotiate with Rogers..

I think the second is more likely.. 

Going back to Columbus would be like moving to Las Vegas for a job, losing all your money partying, and moving back into your mom's basement. 

I think the LA Galaxy, as a California boy, would be where he ends up.

Nevertheless... I wouldn't be too upset if Duka or Rogers ends up on the wing, even if they rather pull their nails out then spend another season here; because both players are probably better than any other option we will have to start the 2013 season opposite Gaven.

And both have to grow up and mature at some point. 

Yet, it's not always all the players fault (sometimes soccer organizations and FO's can be just as immature), but if you score the goals or make things happen consistently over 90 minutes once your contract's up you can go wherever you want (then everyone will hate the coach for not doing everything to keep you).

If you don't like a coach that's the best way to go.


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