Monday, January 28, 2013

1.28.2013: Crew Sign Left Back Agustin Viana

1.28.2013: Crew Sign Left Back Agustin Viana

Every Crew fan was perhaps expecting to hear the news that Matias Sanchez was finally signed by the Crew.

Instead, the Crew today threw a curveball and signed left back/defensive midfielder Agustin Viana, 29. 

The signing was quite a surprise as Columbus were never really linked with Viana until they signed the Uruguayan (who was born in Chicago and holds American dual citizenship) today.

Perhaps some Crew fans were worried that this meant the Sanchez deal was off the table as Viana was described as a defender/midfielder.

But, the Crew play two DM's usually. 

Further it depends on the health of Danny O'Rourke where Viana may play; Viana could pair up in DM with Sanchez if or when O'Rourke is injured, and when O'Rourke is healthy he can  slot into left back. 

This is what I expect the Crew to look like on opening day:

I believe Viana is going to be the main left back, but the Crew says "Viana can play multiple positions" so other left backs Wahl or Anor don't get frustrated in preseason, while no one in midfield gets too comfortable, as they now have another competitor.

Viana has some pretty good experience the past 2 or 3 seasons as he's played in the top divisions of Uruguay and Greece, and Serie B of Italy. 

In Greece:

In Uruguay:


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