Sunday, January 27, 2013

1.27.2013: Sanchez Says "Deal With Columbus Close."

1.28.2013: Sanchez Says "Deal With Columbus Close."

On Friday, Matias Sanchez, according to El-Dia (who appear to be Sanchez media outlet of choice), has left Estudiantes. 

Under the title, "Sanchez completes his cycle at Estudiantes" the 25 year old former Argentine youth international said, "it was time for a change of scenery" and that he's close to a deal with Columbus of the MLS.

Talking about his possible fate with the Columbus Crew. 

"It is close, but there is nothing closed, were talking. I chose talking to my family, I think it is a good choice, a different football. Not as seen, but is competitive, is a bet but hopefully all goes well."

First off, I like how Sanchez words that. It's a level-headed assessment. 

Secondly, Columbus needs to hope all goes well and by that I mean that they get this deal done ASAP

A centre back pairing of Glauber Berti and Chad Marshall, while imposing at 6'3 and 6'4, will be painfully slow.

Columbus needs a defensive middie like Sanchez to be able to clean things up around them. Sanchez is fast and diminutive, he's young and has an engine. Sanchez's highlights (below) remind me of a defensive Messi, in terms of his frame and engine, he just never stops and has a high work rate.

The signing of Berti isn't bad if the Sanchez deal doesn't get done. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Columbus went ahead with Berti, expecting they could get Sanchez to sign as well.

As Berti would make more sense if Columbus signs a defensive midfielder with pace; since Sanchez can sit in front of the defense and be that conduit from defense to offense, as otherwise Williams is probably the only mobile back in the back four and O'Rourke (the other DM) isn't that speedy either.

A starting DM pairing of Tchani and O'Rourke (with Trapp off the bench) in front of a slow back four wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence. So, if Sanchez doesn't get done this week hopefully Columbus has a Plan B.

If Columbus does get the deal done...
Sanchez would really give the off-season makeovers a real sense of purpose and direction, and probably give the Crew the momentum to get the last few puzzle pieces (another LB, a forward for when Arrieta is with Costa Rica) over the next month before the season begins.


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