Friday, January 25, 2013

1.25.2013: Is Dominic Oduro Enough For Duka?

1.25.2013: Is Dominic Oduro Enough For Duka?

The short answer I believe is yes. The long answer is I even feel better about it if you throw in the allocation money with it, but still yes.

This deal was first rumored on January 17th, so there is obviously some stumbling block being 8 days after the fact. 

But, Oduro was a raw pro with FC Dallas, when he only had 9 goals in 70 appearances, and didn't blow anyone away at Houston either with only 6 in 44.

I wasn't mesmerized with him then, he was fast but erratic and didn't make the best decisions in the final third. 

Yet, he's showed something in his latest spell with Chicago.

Oduro has 18 goals in 66 appearances, he's put some maturity/soccer knowledge with that pace and athletic ability.

In 2011, he showed in his best season with 12 goals in 29 appearances, and Higuain should be able to unlock some doors for a speedy forward.

Best of all he's still only 27. Most strikers have their best years between 28 and 32, and Oduro is showing the form that he's ready to explode.

If you put Higuain and his ability to put passes on the dot to Arrieta, and then when your worried about Arrieta, you have Oduro's speed coming through, it's going to be a lot for MLS defenses to worry about.

Even if Oduro does not start always, he is a danger off the bench. I personally like the move as Duka was never happy in Columbus, so good riddance to him, lets see what Oduro can bring.

Oduro highlights:


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