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Friday, April 27, 2012

4/27/2012: Smoke Bombs Debate Reaches Level Two

4/27/2012: Smoke Bombs Debate Reaches Level Two
By Ryan Kozlowski

Last weekend a secret group of Columbus Crew fans lit off yellow smoke bombs to blanket the Nordecke in a smog of cool before the black and gold trotted out to face off against the Houston Dynamo.

In a grandpa-like slow uncool the Crew released a robotic statement about the smoke bombs that hasn't changed to HSH, link here.

The main issue being fear of the erector set Crew Stadium being somehow destroyed by the fire of the smoke bomb, yet it's just as likely as someone dropping a cigarette at halftime into a pile of hay, awkwardly for some reason at Crew Stadium, to start a fire.

Another problem is death from smoke inhalation. Yes, there somehow serious. But, somehow many other clubs in Europe light smoke bombs without any deaths or fires. Do you ever see the article, "Smoke Bomb or Flare Lights Up Entire Stadium." Nope, because it doesn't happen.

The Crew just needs somehow to keep CSC entertained, while killing the atmosphere in Crew Stadium.

And the Crew Front Office knows that it helps in the atmosphere because they use the smoke bombs in just about every one of their promotion commercials before every season.

So, what's the big deal?

If the Crew front office can sell out the stadium and have the luxury of revoking season tickets for smoke bombs then that's one thing. But, the last two games the only place that was packed was the Nordecke. So, leave it the hell alone and let it celebrate it's team how it wants.

It will help Crew Stadium more than hurt it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/27/2012: Columbus Crew Sign Jairo, Looking At It In A Positively Negative Light I Say Ok

4/27/2012: Columbus Crew Sign Jairo, Looking At It In A Positively Negative Light I Say Ok
By Ryan Kozlowski

The Columbus Crew announced today the signing of a second Costa Rican forward in the diminutive Jairo Arrieta. Jairo has played before with the Crew's current Costa Rican forward Olman Vargas at Saprissa a couple of years back.

Bingo! Bango. That should lead to a lot of goals.

Figuring Saprissa let Olman go to sign with Herediano, Olman Vargas and Jairo Arrieta had to be a pretty potent duo (this may be a slighty sarcastic statement) in Costa Rica that will just lead to goals upon goals in Columbus.

At least that's what the Crew are looking or hoping for.

The Crew are looking to that connection between Olman Vargas and Jairo to ease Jairo's transition to Columbus, and to lead to more goals up front in what has been a stagnant attack overall. Who knows a second time might be a charm, like old lovers igniting a new flame.

But, just as possible Jairo could be another player who has one or two above average performances leading to 1-3 goals, to go along with the 1-3 goals that Renteria, Vargas, Mirosevic, Schoenfield, Findlay, et al. are on track to score this year. You can feel the Crew's wait and see attitude, which is fair with how there is no sure thing up top in Crew colors.

Let's give Jairo a fair shake though.

The 5'9 Jairo has been a playmaker for Saprissa netting 45 golazo's for the Costa Rican purple powerhouse, but can he transition that to a more physical league going up against 6'4 defenders? The Crew thinks yes and we all shall see eventually one way or another:

While Olman moved onto Herediano and then Columbus, Jairo stayed at Saprissa for the past six seasons, playing left wing and the second forward role. Jairo amassed as mentioned 45 goals; however, those were divved up over 161 appearances over six years (Mirosevic had 46 goals in 108 appearances in three years, over 1 goal every 3 games for Universadid Catolica and still the Crew midfield gets killed usually). Nevertheless, Saprissa didn't want to part ways with Jairo who was in his best form in 2011 as a leading scorer. Jairo has also always had a role (either starter, spot starter, or super sub) helping Saprissa to five championships during his time at The Purple Monster.

Questions still abound on whether Jairo can make an impact or will find mix results as Olman has, or whether Jairo can help unlock the full potential of Olman and alleviate the Crew's striker woes in the process with Olman; the one consistency of the franchise for a good five or six years has been striker woes.

There are positives to this move including that here's another player in Jairo who might be able to jump start the attack and work well with another forward, Olman Vargas; as there has been no consistency from two forwards up front as of yet this season. Then again it could be another forward on rotation who does not make a name for himself.

Another positive is that the Crew will now be able to sign Jairo without a transfer fee. Further, it makes current Crew players aware of the plans to fix the offense. It also puts players such as Emilio Renteria on notice that he might want to start a goal scoring streak in May and June.

The big negative of this move is that this will not be a quick fix. Jairo Arrieta will not join Columbus until late May, when Saprissa's season ends, and won't be eligible for competition until the MLS Summer transfer window opens on June 27th. Leading to a feeling from Crew fans at the moment of "that's nice, but so what?"

Crew fans will just have to be patient and can only hope that on June 27th Columbus is still in the playoff race when they add Jairo and hope to add an offensive-minded designated player.

Looking at it positively at least the Crew are still attempting to remedy the offense. To look at it negatively, it's mildly frustrating that often times the Crew don't complete a team until the mid-season window when the Crew can only hope for the last or second to last playoff seed and a first round playoff exit.

For more than that in this 2012 season the Crew will need to make a run without new pieces. The Crew's attack of Emilio Renteria, Olman Vargas, Milovan Mirosevic, Eddie Gaven, and company are going to have to start getting going by finding goals soon. Also, further ties at home will not cut it as moral victories.

Warzycha's tinkering is going to have to start leading to results up top soon or Jairo may not have a true impact until 2013.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4/3/2012: Surprise Players Show Up, Help In Road Defeat Of TFC, More Depth For Upcoming RBNY Match

Anor, scores the unlikely game winner, for an unlikely Crew side.

4/3/2012: Surprise Players Show Up, Help In Road Defeat Of TFC, More Depth For Upcoming RBNY Match
By Ryan Kozlowski

The Columbus Crew had a lot of unlikely's pulling more than their fair share of the weight this past Saturday. Andy Greunebaum and Shaun Francis both had another solid match. On top of that, Eric Gehrig came out of nowhere and played like a seasoned professional. Further, although Anor may have had a couple rough patches (and that may be generous), Bernardo Anor combined in a brillant (or brillantly undefended) run with Mirosevic and Vargas which led to the deciding goal and the 3 points.

Anor's goal shows he can step right in for Duka and contribute (a goal is a goal is a goal), it will build confidence in the reserves like Anor, Francis, Greunebaum, and company when the starters come back (and one or two starters may have trouble winning back their spots). Further, even substitutes like the 6'4 Shoenfield were able to show their worth in their few minutes on Saturday; as the bruising forward picked up foul after foul late in the game to help kill off the match and the rather disliked fleas from Toronto F.C.

The Costa Rican, Olman Vargas, appears to be the right partner with Renteria, Vargas was a nuisance once again picking up a penalty that Milovan Mirosevic could not convert in the first half (Mirosevic is 1 for 2 from the PK spot on the year). Vargas may not be the fastest and he may disappear in small windows, but he's 2 for 2 on legitimate scoring opportunities (one a beautiful header, one a missed pk by Milosevic). Who wouldn't take that, and who could get mad at Milovan; As Mirosevic was all hustle, going back defensively and attacking offensively throughout another game.

Further, Milovan would make amends for his penalty miss with a pinpoint crunching tackle on TFC's best player Julian De Guzman springing Anor and Vargas's combination for the winning goal later on in the 58th minute.

Overall, the Crew were beaten in every statistic from shots to possession in the game against Toronto F.C. but a good team, missing some starters, finds a way to win.

3 points on the road is a huge confidence builder.

The Crew used Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact as confidence builders. But, will face tougher competition next week at home as a New York Red Bull side that's 2-2 on the year comes into Columbus Crew Stadium. The Impact side that the Crew dispatched 2-nil was butchered 5-2 by the Red Bulls this past week.

However, the Crew will likely field a stronger team to combat NYRB and Theirry Henry, who's on a scoring tear for the Red Bulls. Duka, O'Rourke, Mendes and some others may be ready to replace the questionable holes in the Crew starting eleven. Further, the Crew's most recent signing Nemanja Vukovic may replace an improved Shaun Francis in defense.

If the Crew could get a third straight victory, 2012 could be a very good year for Warzycha and company. Already, a very, very big game in week 4.

4/3/2012: CREWTURE CCTV- Week 2 & 3 Recap

Some clips of the nice stuff from week 2 set to a little of the music of Tyga-Bitch Better Have My Money and Pleasurekraft- Tarantula (Original Mix):