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12.18.2012: IN- Believe It Or Not Jelen Still Crew Target

12.18.2012: IN- Believe It Or Not Jelen Still Crew Target
By Ryan Kozlowski

This Summer, Ireneusz Jelen was speculated to be a Polish target that Robert Warzycha would try to bring in.

It was speculated by nobody with a legitimate source at first, instead the rumors began by Crew fans taking a shot in the dark (both at and here on Crewture) based on clues dropped by the front office

These Crew fans concluded in their "transfer window calculus" that Jelen is struggling in France, he's Polish and Warzycha is too, Jelen has good experience, and we needed someone who could score.

Turned out a French website ran with the rumor that was not mentioned anywhere else, and sooner or later either Jelen or the Crew said "ok, what the hell" and made some contact. 

Or, more likely, Warzycha had his eye on the Polish NT player all along (similar to his connections that almost brought Maciej Zurawski to Columbus four years prior under Schmid)..

But, after Jairo Arrieta and Federico Higuain came in instead of Jelen, and combined for 14 goals and 11 assists in 31 overall games to end the season, one would think the Crew would be satisfied and wouldn't need Jelen or anymore strikers? 

Right? Wrong.

This is from Polish Sports Website, WP.PL on December 14th, as it appears Warzycha is keeping the Jelen to Columbus door open:

Warzycha spoke to Ireneusz Jelen in the Summer, but then there wasn't a transfer. Warzycha said: 
"We will return to the subject of Irek. In the summer I invited him to test, did not come. Winter transfer is possible, but is not limited to Columbus. Also other MLS teams looking for free assailants, who achieved something in Europe. A big plus is the fact that for Irek you do not have to pay." 
"One unsuccessful round can not cross out the achievements of the player.  He played in Lille, which was champion of France and Auxerre. He also appeared in the Champions League. Made his mark. Such transfer would not be buying a pig in a poke. He showed that he can score goals. Now you need to create the conditions for him to do it" ends Warzycha. 

Before the Fall transfer window, Jelen transferred to Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biala of the Polish 1st Division (Ekstraklasa) but failed to score in 7 appearances.

Good thing about that is the 33 year-old Jelen's price has probably come down even more after not scoring in Poland

Another Polish Coach, Richard Komornicki, for Switzerland side FC Luzern is also interested. Either way, Jelen said he wants to play in a foreign country..

And at least Jelen is off of the "I want to stay in France" thinking; as that's what kept him away from Columbus the first time.

Perhaps? Być może?


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