Monday, December 17, 2012

12.17.2012: Trapp Will Have Chance To Win DM Role

12.17.2012: Trapp Will Have Chance To Win DM Role
By Ryan Kozlowski

Wil Trapp, the 19 year old phenom, is one of the top stars in a packed Crew Academy of talent.

Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss got the Gahanna, Ohio native signed with Columbus on December 13th, denying Portland Head Coach Caleb Porter's offers and convincing Trapp that Columbus made more sense than Europe at this point.

The oft injured Danny O'Rourke just now was signed with Columbus for 2013 as well.

O'Rourke, 29, has only been involved in 27 games out of a possible 76 the past two seasons with Columbus. 

Chances are with O'Rourke only signed up for 2013, that his job will be to help with the transition of Wil Trapp to the pros; whether he knows it or not.

Also, with Chris Birchall out of the Crew's plans, it's possible that Trapp and O'Rourke might work together as the two DM's for 2012.

O'Rourke has been the consummate pro for Columbus as another hometown talent and with Trapp looking up to Danny O'Rourke as a Crew fan, it could be a good combo..

Also, one of these homegrown players for the Crew have to start showing some results.. Ben Speas, Matt Lampson, and Aaron Horton haven't had much of an impact.

Guys like Trapp, Matt Wiet (who could be the one to take the place of Balchan on the depth chart), and a second year Speas need to make some contributions.

Not every HG needs to be a five year project, otherwise what's the point of signing?

I think Trapp will get a chance to show himself straight away in 2013.

Bliss and Warzycha have to give Trapp a chance to sweeten the pot, otherwise there's a lot of places the 19 year old could go.


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