Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7/2012: Kirk Urso Pictures, Crew Get Back To Practice

There's a nice collection of photos of Kirk Urso on the Crew's facebook page, click here for the link. A nice article on TheCrew.com's website as well; saying that the Crew took the first steps together today of putting back the pieces, after losing Kirk, with a light practice today.

“In times like these, you need to try laugh and smile as much as you can, especially in a depressing time. It’s natural that if Kirk we’re here, he’d be out there kicking the ball around with us and having a good time. It’s really weird that he’s not. You realize that when you go in and see his locker.”

“I’ll speak for everyone. You’ll be sitting around for five minutes being distracted with something fun then all of sudden you’ll think of something that reminds you of Kirk. It will always be there.” --Goalkeeper Andy Greunebaum

Here's a good video, perfect song, good pictures (just needs a few more):


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