Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30/2012: Homegrown Lampson Is MOTM For Game 25

Lampson's second-half performance allowed Crew chance to counter-late, and Lampson outlet kick-started game winner.

8/30/2012: Homegrown Lampson Is MOTM For Game 25
By Ryan Kozlowski

Matt Lampson was the winning keeper a month ago in a friendly against Stoke City, and last night (because of a Greunebaum hamstring issue) he was given the opportunity and succeeded in picking up his first MLS win as a keeper.

The first half didn't go as smooth as a Hebrew Hammer for Lampson, as a deflection goal made it 1-0 Philadelphia early in the contest.

Then later on in the half, Lampson came out into no man's land twice, for lofted balls, when he shouldn't have done so; but, luckily Philadelphia couldn't make Lampson pay for the rookie's over-eagerness.

Nevertheless, in the second half Lampson calmed down and kept the Crew in the game for most of the half, at a 1-1 score, with brilliant save after brilliant save; until Higuain and Gaven could penalize the Union on the counter late in the game thanks in part to a Lampson outlet.

Here's Lampson's save reel from last night:

And even more impressive was Lampson's pinpoint kicks that kick-started the late counter late in stoppage time, that led to the game-winning goal:

Nice to see that Lampson is a high quality keeper as well, sure beats Noah Palmer.


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