Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30/2012: Crew More Resilient, With 2 Straight Comebacks

Gaven slots home game-winner and 3rd goal in four games for Columbus.

8/30/2012: Crew More Resilient, With 2 Straight Comebacks
By Ryan Kozlowski

Earlier in the season when the Columbus Crew would go down a goal, it was unlikely they would mount a comeback.

I, and all Crew fans, were usually right when it came to that gut feeling..

Especially since the Crew lacked the ideas in the offensive third to unlock defenses.

But, with the New England (down 2-0 at home) and Philadelphia Union (down 1-0 on the road) results the Crew are showing some new-found resiliency.

When the Philadelphia Union scored last night on a Valdes ricochet in the first half; I thought no problem because we have Federico Higuain pulling the strings in midfield.

15 minutes later, the Union gave Federico Higuain a free kick opportunity, which is a no-no, that Higuain spun in there and Williams (who has no fear in the penalty area) 360 spun headed it into the far corner.

1-1 Crew, game on.

Then when Williams got his red card in the 68th minute, the Crew had to be even more resilient.

But, once again, against a Philadelphia Union team, who has been pretty good at squandering opportunities this year, I wasn't that concerned...

As the game went on, you knew the Union were going to throw more bodies forward and if you give Higuain, Gaven, and a speedy, fresh Meram space on a counter they have the ability to steal one.

On top of that, I thought Matt Lampson looked pretty solid in a friendly, a month back, against Stoke City and the homegrown was going to come up big last night, and he did. Nice to see we have three solid keepers.

Anyways, the Crew thanks to Federico Higuain sniffing out opportunities and knowing where the ball was going to drop started two counters in stoppage time, the second leading to a Higuain point and pass to an overlapping Meram, and Gaven waiting far post for a deflection, finishing his third goal in four games.

Leaving the Crew within striking distance of spots 3 through 5 in the East, this weekend, with a win against Montreal this Saturday at home. And if this run continues, not entirely out of the race for the top spot in the East.

Overall, nice to expect the Crew to get the late winner instead of to expect them to give one up late.


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