Monday, August 13, 2012

8/12/2012: Trending... Urso, Donovan and LA, USMNT, Boggs

Crew to memorialize Urso with #15 patch. Other honors will include a wreath on August 15th, in front of Lamar Hunt's Statute, where Crew fans can leave rememberances that will be delivered to Urso's family.

8/12/2012: Trending... Urso, Donovan and LA, USMNT, Boggs
By Ryan Kozlowski

**The Columbus Crew requested Major League Soccer postpone this past Saturday's game vs. Toronto FC, so that the whole team would have the ability to attend Kirk Urso's funeral in Chicago, Illinois.

Major League Soccer did the right thing by accepting the postponement.

However, we still will have to wait and see if the 11 days off will help the Crew- personally first, and then professionally. There is no manual to these things, nor do I think the Crew cares at the moment or should. But, sometimes it's harder to get back to normal (or some degree of it), the more you have time to reflect and think about things.

I think Saturday's game would of been too much, too soon.

Further, there's no way that the players on this team could say goodbye to Kirk, without being there to give their condolences to his family.

So, I'm glad that Major League Soccer and Toronto F.C. were willing to move the game back to August 22nd, even though the 11th was the only date I could personally make, the Crew needed to go and I think Crew fans, as a collective, are glad that they did.

At the moment the soccer standings are not as important. Results on Wednesday are not important. Just everyone trying to put one foot, in front of the other, is.

I'm really interested to see how the Crew reacts on Wednesday and I believe the whole soccer world will be.

Things to watch: the Boyd- Altidore (straight off a brace) duo up top

**Unfortunately, the Crew will share the spotlight on Wednesday night with the U.S. Men's Soccer team at 7:30 p.m.

The Los Angeles Galaxy at Columbus Crew coverage starts at 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Network; while USA vs. Mexico friendly coverage will begin at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN 2.

I will be taping both games, since I coach high school soccer and that wraps up at 8 p.m., but I'll be hitting the Crew game as soon as I get home at 8 p.m. and the US Mens will come a far second..

**I wish I could be there with my Columbus brethren on Wednesday... I'm interested to see if they will do the Kirk Urso memorial on Wednesday or against Toronto F.C. on August 22nd?

The Nordecke had elaborate plans for about five minutes of different chanting and songs for Urso, and banners, for this past Saturday, August 11th; before the game was postponed.

Initially, the Nordecke was going to memorialize Urso on August 11th with banners and songs; then do their biggest banner (planned weeks in advance) against L.A. on August 15th.

I now wonder if they will go ahead with both on August 15th? Or one or the other? Or neither?

I believe they should do both, just make it a night to remember for Urso and everyone reeling over his loss; because it would be odd not to memorialize Urso on the 15th and just act like nothing happened. I also think the Nordecke should do their originally planned banner, at the same time..

On August 22nd, it will likely be a sparse crowd, on a Wednesday against Toronto F.C., for either idea.

**One good thing about the U.S. Men's Soccer Team being in action at the same time as the Columbus Crew vs. LA, is that this means no Landon Donovan for L.A.

List of all call-ups, including Donovan, who will be down in Mexico on Wednesday..

Since Landon had 4 assists tonight in a 4-0 rout of Chivas USA, the Crew should have an easier time of isolating and dealing with Robbie Keane, with Donovan in Mexico.

**The New England Revolution's Zak Boggs was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study medical sciences at England’s Leicester University starting this fall. Subsequently, the third-year midfielder has retired from his pro soccer career.

Boggs, while playing with the NE Revolution, completed voluntary research at Boston's Children's Hospital and wants to specialize in cancer research.

Boggs completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical sciences early wiith a 4.0 average at the University of South Florida and a post-graduate program in Economics and Marketing. He is an Eagle Scout, a second degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and a member of the USA Jump Rope Association.

Oh, and made 29 professional appearances, scoring two goals (both on May 8th, 2010 here in Columbus)..

Makes me think I should do a bit more in my 24/365 :-).


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