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8/1/2012: Wil Trapp, Many Other Academy Prospects In Crew Plans

8/1/2012: Wil Trapp, Many Other Academy Prospects In Crew Plans
By Ryan Kozlowski

Speculated the other day, that the Crew may some day have a team made up nearly of all academy players.

A few days later, after winning the U-19 McGuire Cup, Technical Director Brian Bliss told The Columbus Dispatch that in regards to Wil Trapp becoming a senior Crew player, it's not a question of if, but when. Further, he may be joined by 4 or 5 others.

Currently, it's all about timing.

Bliss stated that at this point it doesn't make sense for Columbus to give Wil Trapp a senior contract, that goes as well for some other homegrown's that are plying their trade with top college sides; because, at 19, it's unlikely at this current moment he would break through the senior side, he instead may find himself in a similar spot as Aaron Horton.

In contrast, at Akron University, Trapp can get 20 games and all the attention in training he needs.

Nevertheless, Trapp may be close and may need less development then others; further, if the Crew youngster has a breakout year at Akron University in the coming season, the Crew may come beckoning around the new year as Bliss explains here:

Bliss said homegrown player signings typically happen in January-February and June-July.

“You can do it anytime you want as long as you’ve got the space available financially and on your roster,” Bliss said. “Doing something like that right now would make no sense because he’s approaching a college season and he’s got an opportunity to train every day and play another 15-20 games.”

But, in January or February the Crew may green light Trapp to the senior side, where he can work his way in the midfield as Duka did and now Speas is attempting to do so.

And Trapp isn't the only Crew academy prospect that could get a call up.. Justin Luthy, Andy Lubahn, Matt Wiet and Chad Barson are all on the Crew's radar to be homegrown signings for the senior side in the future, according to Bliss.

Wiet and Barson are top college defenders at UCLA and Akron, Lubahn a solid striker at Wake Forest, and Trapp a midfield phenom; the future is looking pretty bright for the Columbus Crew, who may just give away all their draft picks in the future- except the first round, because their stocked in HG acquisitions they can pluck out of college.
“We’ve got a handful of guys in our 16s, 18s and now 19s that we think can eventually make it to the first team,” -Bliss.

What players do you think will have the biggest impact?


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