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8/1/2012: Crew Will Trade Forwards For Right Price

8/1/2012: Crew Will Trade Forwards For Right Price
By Ryan Kozlowski

With Jairo Arrieta and Federico Higuain looking like the preferred duo up top, to finish the season; the Columbus Crew announced that if the right offer passes their desk they'll trade a Emilio Renteria or Olman Vargas.

The article over at starts off with, "The Columbus Crew aren’t planning on moving any forwards, technical director Brian Bliss told on Tuesday, even though Federico HiguaĆ­n has been added to the already crowded position. But that could change with the right offer."

So, what the Columbus top brass really means is that Columbus are planning to move a forward or two if it leads to draft picks or some option in defense or midfield that can help the club.

Warzycha basically tells all of Major League Soccer to give him an offer on Renteria with this line, in a trade article:

“If Emilio finished his chances, he’d probably have 20 goals right now,” Warzycha said.

The question is will anyone want them and can the Crew get something valuable in return?

A sort of deal that Columbus should be looking for, if were going to continue to play five midfielders (two dm's), is possibly to take someone like Teemu Tainio off of the Red Bulls.

New York is stock-loaded full of about 16 or 17 players who think they should be starting every week, one or two will be unhappy, and maybe that one or two will have some worth.

I'm not entirely convinced in Grossman with Birchall in DM (especially after the silly red card), but Birchall with Tainio would be some nice, calming experience in that part of the park (if a Tainio can get his fitness back).

In addition, Renteria has smoked New York at New York before in the past and that's something that could stick in Hans Backe's mind. Renteria, if utilized on the right wing of a team, could be very useful I believe and he would have more explosiveness out there than a LeToux.

I think there may be some interest in Renteria, some teams might see a fresh change as useful to him and I think the right wing may be where he could be the most effective for a club. On the other hand, I think the Crew will hear only crickets if they try to move Olman Vargas (only a NASL or USL-Pro club would have any interest).

I also think some clubs might inquire on Justin Meram. Meram, I believe has the skillset to be a very good player in MLS someday and if Columbus were to trade him it may come back to bite them similar to a Steven Lenhart.

Lenhart hasn't been prolific, but the 12 goals he's bagged in 30 games for San Jose, blows away the 13 in 63 games he netted for Columbus.

My guess, something will come up by September 15th that Columbus will pull the trigger on. There are way too many teams struggling, like a Chivas or Portland, that could find a use for a Renteria, and there are also teams in the playoff race that might see him as a secret weapon for them.


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