Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/2012: Jelen Will Not "Play For A Hat of Pears"- Warzycha, Crew Still Trying

Free agent Jelen still may be a possibility

7/31/2012: Jelen Will Not "Play For A Hat of Pears"- Says Warzycha, Crew Still Trying
By Ryan Kozlowski

In a recent interview from July 29th with Futbolnews.pl, Crew manager Robert Warzycha does admit that the Crew have been trying to get Ireneusz Jelen and may be still trying.

The Polish striker is no longer with Lille and could come over to the Crew as a free agent up to and until September 15th. However, there may be too many competitors for Jelen's signature.

Warzycha with Futbolnews.pl:

A lot of noise recently about Irenaeus Jelen moving to Columbus Crew?

Trying too many competitors. Many others are also looking at Jelen as well. But, still nothing in particular. Irek wants to stay in Europe. Do not come to us to play for a hat of pears. And at our salaries are not as high as in Europe.

Would it be useful to strengthen the Crew in a person like Jelen?
That is correct. The band is under construction. Scraping points and do not know if this year's team is applicable to the play-offs. Other teams do not sleep. It will be hard.

Brian Bliss tipped his hat, as well, in a Q&A on the Higuain signing at TheCrew.com last week, that options may still exist for Columbus:

-Obviously, the transfer window closes today, but do you forsee any more changes occurring with the Crew roster before the freeze date on September 15?
Never say never. Obviously, we can make trades within the league and we can still sign players that are free agents up until that point. Never say never, because there's still a lot of time left before that final deadline. We'll have to wait and see.

If New York Red Bull can fit Thierry Henry, Rafael Marquez, Tim Cahill, and a very good supporting cast including Kenny Cooper and Sebastian LeToux on their books.

There is no reason why the Crew can't work something out to have Ireneusz Jelen, Federico Higuain, and Milovan Mirosevic all on the books with their supporting cast.

The Crew have said that they could even forsee the speedy Higuain playing on the left wing. If so, Arrieta and Jelen wouldn't sound too bad up top.

I find it unlikely the Crew will make it happen, but it's nice to hear that Columbus is attempting all possibilities to improve their team.


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