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Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/17/2012: Crew New England 0-0 In Sleeper

Renteria back to struggles: You want me to score here? I think not.

6/17/2012: RECAP- Crew New England 0-0 In Sleeper
By Ryan Kozlowski

Any 0-0 draw is a sleeper unless your Italian, if your Italian it could mean a beautiful game because there were no defensive mistakes.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few mistakes in this game both ways and in no way will this be a beautiful match to remember. This one will never be a testament to Major League Soccer.

Talking about mistakes.. fast forward to 5:00 minute mark on the highlight clip above

As the under-appreciated Justin Meram put the ball on a platter (in the 65th minute) for Emilio Renteria who made a mess of the opportunity in front of net and scuffed it out for a goal kick.

I'm pretty sure I could finish that pass and then pretend that I did something really special.

But, the professional Renteria was not ready for it (perhaps he was thinking of some busty babe in Venezuela?... whatever it may be, his attention was elsewhere).

Meram put his head in his hands to say, "are you serious, el venado?"

For one, the three week break came at the wrong time for Renteria (who hopefully didn't spend most of it in local strip clubs).

Jokes aside.. Just when Renteria was starting to heat up before the break, his scorer's touch has cooled back down after.

Rather disappointing.

**The rookie, Kevan George, did another decent job and Tchani also wasn't bad. But, shouldn't Birchall be getting a run out eventually for at least 60 minutes?

The Trinidad international and MLS Cup Champion has to be preferred when fully fit, otherwise why is he here? Why was he signed to a two year contract?

There's cheaper players to fill out a roster. If Birchall isn't meant to receive serious minutes, what was the point of bringing him on?

**Vargas also must be really in the doghouse not to get a cameo after Renteria's drab imitation of finishing.

**Gruenebaum was awesome once again.

Like Tyton in the Poland game against the Czech Republic today in Euro 2012, when everyone else is having a stinker at least the goalkeeper has some heart.

**On the good side, a point is a point on the road.

On the mundane side, the Crew front office doesn't have to make it into some huge moral victory. CREW EXTENDS UNBEATEN STREAK TO SIX.

Should of read,


**Finally and most importantly, considering the lack of fireworks on the field, what's up with New England's fascination with tarps?

In some sections there are fans below and tarps above, in others there are fans below, tarps in the middle, and fans above.. In the picture below there are tarps on an entire section except for a few rows, where a couple away fans could congregate far away from the "rambunctious", oh I just made myself laugh, Rev fans.

And in others there are fans below, and tarps, but no tarps in the second deck where a few fans could sit much farther away from the action for whatever reason.

I mean this is how you must entertain yourself in a boring game.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16/2012: Birchall Puts A Ring On It

Chris Birchall, 28, achieved more than most Crew players did over the World Cup qualifying, three week break... He got married.

Birchall got married to long time girlfriend Lucy Mulroy. Birchall traveled back to England for the ceremony.

The two have a son, Ashley, who is 3.

The family looks to move permanently to Columbus together to join Chris, as soon as their visas are approved.

Congrats to Chris and hope the Birchall's enjoy their time in Columbus.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/14/2012: QUOTEABLE McCullers

There's god damn snakes on this plane? Try it Mark!?

Bro, I got this image, like I'm a GM and I just can't bro.


M***her humping, s**t balls we sucked that game.

Or rather something similiar in a recent interview with The Columbus Dispatch .

As Columbus Crew General Manager, Mark McCullers, channels his inner-Samuel L. Jackson, when reflecting on the most disheartening part of the season so far. During a inner zen flection, as the Crew winds down it's three week break from competition, along with the rest of MLS, Mark McCullers let some frustration fly on one loss in particular back in April.

A 4-1 loss against the New York Red Bulls at home.

Where apparently the Crew played better in the second half in that game according to Crew Manager Robert Warzycha.

What did you think Mark?

“I don’t give a f**k about the second half.

I’m sorry. Our guys came back and fought and showed a lot of grit and came back and we could’ve probably tied the game up so I give them credit for that (don't, you should of just stopped at the first sentence). I don’t want to discount that, but at that point that was really disheartening. It’s more about effort and enthusiasm and energy and attitude, those sorts of things. The ball is going to bounce away from you sometimes but I just don’t think that our fans got their money’s worth that game.”

Since they got to see Thierry Henry for $10 bucks, or for a Family 4 pack of 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 pepsi's for $44 bucks, who knows maybe they did?

Nevertheless, either way McCullers has gained 15+ bad ass points. Maybe I'll make some weekly chart for it on here.

6/13/2012: Why The Crew Are Not Getting A DP

It's quite simple... The stadium signing shot is usually reserved for the best signing your club is going to make in that season.

So, don't expect much from Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss's rendezvous in South America. If you did your crazy anyway.

Jairo is the man who will be expected to finish Mirosevic's brilliant passes, when Mirosevic eventually has a brilliant pass.

“Jairo is a proven goal scorer who we have had our eye on for some time. He is quick and agile in and around the box, and we expect him to be a great addition to our attack.” -Robert Warzycha

Unfornuately, I think he'll just be okay, similiar to Emilio Renteria or Olman Vargas.

He'll score a few goals but isn't going to tear up the league.

What's with the pessimism you may ask? Other than being a Crew fan who hasn't seen many unbelievable goal scorers

It's just Jairo is a okay striker, he's scored one goal in about every four games, when he starts, for Saprissa.

He still probably isn't the spark that will send the Crew to another MLS Cup.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/13/2012: Hot Nordecke Chicks

Here's to you hot Nordecke chicks...

You make the Nordecke better win or lose..

Especially on a congested Saturday in the section, for the lucky guy that has to stand next to you and pretend to not notice your hotness.

6/12/2012: The Crew's Lack Of Open Cup Desire..

Dutch Delight: Considering what I know about the Dutch Lions operation, it's a monumental success for them (especially since they won again against the Michigan Bucks to put themselves in the quarterfinals the week after) and a monumental embarassment for Robert Warzycha and the Crew front office.

The Crew's Lack Of Open Cup Desire, Gives Dutch Lions A Chance To Breath Life Back Into Their Franchise
By Ryan Kozlowski

In shocking fashion the Crew (currently 9th out of 19 teams in America's Premier Division, MLS) have once again dropped out of the U.S. Open Cup to a Third Division side.

On this occasion, to Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. (0-5-5, dead last in USL Pro in 2012 and already 21 points back of Orlando City with a good portion of that season to go).

It's like a Everton (usually around 9th in the EPL) losing to Hartlepool or Colchester United in the FA Cup.

Am I surprised? Not really.

Am I surprised who against? Kind of.

I used to work for the Dutch Lions front office in 2010, back in the early days of the franchise.

But, also probably in the high point or rather the most glitzy days of that operation.

Glitz- Like back in 2010... when the Dutch Lions splashed a bunch of money (at least $50 K) to beat up on former World stars such as Thomas Dooley, Fredi Bobic, Marco Etcheverry, and Sunday Oliseh in the Global United opener (pictured above).. A memorable experience going out on the town with former World Cup stars during that weekend and picking up former Bundesliga star Winton Rufer at the airport, that I have to thank the Dutch Lions for. Even if I couldn't find the guy at the airport for an hour. :-)

Back to the present.. The night of the Open Cup match featuring the less glitzy, current Dutch Lions vs. the mighty Columbus Crew. On that night, I had a office mate who also worked with the Dutch Lions text me.

I was surprised he cared still to be honest, and was sort of hoping he would text me about some new sports side job instead of past jobs. But, tis' is my luck.


Office mate: "Are you watching DDL against Crew?"
Me: "No. I'm coming back from an interview in West Virginia.

The Crew suck in the Open Cup, but even the Dutch Lions couldn't take advantage of it :-)."
Office mate: "Haha. I know right."

75 minutes pass...

Office mate: "Dutch Lions up 2-1! Haha unbelievable."
Me: "Wow. Ure kidding me right?"

Well guess I was wrong.

But, considering in 2010 the Dutch Lions had half of their team filled with half-decent Dutch professionals..
Hans van de Haar
Oscar Moens
Geert den Ouden
Bas Ent
and my favorite name Julius Wille..

And on top of that had Ajax legend Sonny Silooy at the helm as their manager..

Sonny Silooy with Edgar Davids in the 1996 UEFA Champions League Final..

And still with the names and dutch professionalism advocating total football couldn't win their PDL league against half-decent U.S. college players?! Underperforming is kind of expected.

The Dutch Lions came in third actually in that 2010 PDL Season, which would be as big of an upset as Holland losing to Denmark, from a talent perspective..

Wait, no, more like Holland losing to a talent drained Suriname.

And the Dutch Lions were not even close to finishing first.

They were bested by six points by Michigan Bucks and Forest City London in 2010; and only beat out Chicago Fire (PDL) on goals difference to stay out of fourth place.

This was a team consisting of Dutch First and Second Division Professionals Finishing 4th In A League Of American college players!

The frustration then by owners Mike Mossel and Erik Tammer had to be running rampant. They probably felt they were in a decidedly soft league, that they had overwhelming talent to win, and that such a win would boost them into the 2011 season and to USL Pro.

And it didn't all go quite to plan.

But, perhaps none of the Dutch that came over gave the average American college player credit? Current Crew players Richard Balchan (Chicago Fire- PDL) and Josh Williams (Cleveland Internationals) played against the Dutch Lions in that 2010 PDL Great Lakes Division.

Nevertheless, still it was slightly surprising against mainly half-decent college players, playing for such unbelievably low budget outfits such as the Kalamazoo Outrage (couldn't attract 30 fans) and Cleveland Internationals (didn't have stands to attract fans, just a large cage around the field) that the Dutch Lions didn't end up tops that year..

Still, when they failed, it was oddly bemusing to watch a guy who the previous year was lining up for PSV Eindhoven (in Oscar Moens) getting beat, on occasion, by a guy who lined up for the University of Cincinnati in the Fall.

That level of underperforming in 2010 makes one or two former employees still surprised that the latest 2012 version found success even against a back up Columbus Crew.

Especially since the latest version are much less talented, much less Dutch (one anonymous Gerrit Bartels), have much less professional experience, and almost no success in the newly formed USL-Pro.

The Dutch Lions came in last the previous season in the newly formed USL-Pro, and struggle again this year with 5 points out of 30, because they lack the talent the 2010 version had.

However, the Dutch Lions probably correctly picked economics over some dutch glitz and glam.

As the crowds probably haven't changed much considering many Dayton, Ohio residents had no clue who the hell Oscar Moens or Geert den Ouden were.

And 3rd Division American soccer cannot contain any glitz and glam (MLS for that matter rarely does), just as Dutch 3rd Division soccer probably can't either.

And there's probably advantages from not having an Ajax legend coaching third division American soccer (Silooy's interest was questionable at best- who could blame a guy who's been in the Champions League with his arm around Edgar Davids).. Or having your star striker as a chain smoker, in Hans van de Haar.

So, the Dutch Lions have learned.

Some other facts on the current day Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. to compare to the Columbus Crew..

1.) Their owner, Mike Mossel, also writes the majority of their current day game reports and news articles on their website. Almost unheard of even in semi-pro organizations, (likely because they don't want to waste money on a article writer.) But, imagine Crew owner Clark Hunt writing up Crew post game reports.

2.) They used to pay for some good players back in 2009; like Oscar Moens. An experienced goalkeeper in Holland, who was the third keeper for the Dutch in the 2006 World Cup. Who said over dinner the first night in Dayton (at the swanky P.F. Chang's) that he was mainly in America to have a good time- although he played well too.

In contrast, current keeper Matt Williams, has 12 professional appearances for PDL side the Portland Phoenix and never appeared for the Wilmington Hammerheads.

Geert den Ouden

3.) Starters like Matt Williams and Eric Kissinger (who could barely get a sniff of the field on the 2010 Dutch Lion version) make Chris Birchall's amount of experience Paolo Maldini-like in comparison.

And still with all the Crew experience they dropped a 2-1 result at home against the Dutch Lions. Such let downs are surprising after a big win at home against the Chicago Fire.

But, as a former employee at the Dutch Lions and because the Crew could use other Ohio teams building up, such as the Dutch Lions and AFC Cleveland for rivalries, I'm rooting for the Dutch Lions from here on in, at the U.S. Open Cup.

Their owners are good interesting guys, with an interesting plan. And it would be a shame if their investment failed in Ohio.

A U.S. Open Cup surprise would really boost their organization.

They now have a 1/8 chance.

6/12/2012: Tifo/Displays/Banners Progessing...

Tifo/Displays/Banners Progessing To Years Past
BY Ryan Kozlowski

Some really colorful, vibrant tifos/displays/banners, whatever you may call them popped up in the Nordecke at it's height, right after it's creation in 2008-2009.

The vibrancy of displays has gone done a bit in the latter parts of 2009 through the 2011 season.

It's nice to see that the Einheit group, the Crew's new ultra section, is bringing back some color with displays such as this against Chicago..

A long way to go still, even back in 2008-2009, but a step in the right direction in the regards to the displays at the present time.

Although some groups might not approve of sharing the section with a new one.

Thumbs up from Crewture on the effort.