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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6/28/2011: Preview- Crew Open Up, U.S. Open Cup Action Against Richmond Kickers Tonight

Richmond Kickers defeated the Dutch Lions 4-1 in the U.S. Open Cup first round (above) and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds by a 4-1 scoreline, as well, in the second round to get to tonight's third round showdown (picture by Jacq Roos).

The Richmond Kickers had a rather pedestrian route to the 3rd round of tonight's U.S. Open Cup matchup against the Columbus Crew. The Kickers destroyed both the Pittsburgh Riverhounds (in the 2nd round) and the Dayton Dutch Lions (in the first round) by 4-1 scores to set themselves up with another U.S. Open Cup matchup against the Columbus Crew tonight.

The Kickers overall 8-2 route should give them momentum coming into this third round, but both results were against USL-Pro bottom feeders; as the Kickers have 24 points on the USL campaign compared to the Riverhounds 12 and the Dutch Lions 5 points. Further, the Dutch Lions (which could go with the nickname "USL-Pro Whipping Boys") have just one win in twelve games on the season. In contrast, the Kickers will find it much harder to duplicate a similiar result against another Ohio foe, as the Crew are on a good run of form in a superior league.

Richmond hasn't had much success against the Columbus Crew in U.S. Open Cup history either. The Crew started out their championship winning Open Cup campaign in 2002 by defeating Richmond 3-nil. Also, in the Crew's U.S. Open Cup run last season to the final against Seattle, the Crew dispatched two USL opponents (similiar to Richmond's ability) with ease, with a team full of reserves.

In similiarity, tonight is expected to be a team full of reserves. As the Crew are expected to trot out a lineup of:
Veeder, Gehrig, Burns, O'Rourke
Rogers, Grossman, Rusmir, Meram

The lineup should be capable enough as O'Rourke is a starter when he is healthy; Rogers was a starter until he fell out of favor as of late; Cunningham is still capable; and Rusmir, Meram, and Grossman have seen starting time.

This makeshift lineup will compete with one of the more talented teams in the USL. To be successful, the Crew will have to shutdown Richmond's player to watch out for, Matthew Delicate, who has 7 goals and 3 assists for the Kickers in 12 games this season.

Another name looking to make an impact is a familiar one in Stanley Nyazamba (2 goals and 2 assists in 2011 for the Kickers). Nyazamba was a member of the Crew in 2008 and 2009, but had problems off the field during his time in Columbus and never saw a minute of starting time at Crew Stadium. Nyazamba will finally see the field today and he will likely have a score to settle.

Expected scoreline: 2-nil Crew, goals by Meram and Cunningham

6/28/2011: New Faces Step Up For The Crew During Latest Winning Streak

New faces have stepped up for the Crew in their last two victories over the Colorado Rapids (4-1) and Houston Dynamo (2-0). Venezuelan U-20 player Bernardo Anor (picked deep in the 2011 draft- 3rd round, 48th pick) posted a goal and an assist in the 2-0 victory against Houston on June 18th. Anor backed that up with another solid 90 minutes against the Colorado Rapids on June 26th.

Anor Spotlight: Perfect assist for Mendoza's goal against Houston

Justin Meram, the highly touted University of Michigan product; who didn't particularly show much in his early appearances this season, showed his blistering pace in that same Houston game by blowing by the Houston defense and setting up Anor's goal in the Houston contest to finish off the Dynamo. The zero to sixty change in pace seen in Meram's assist, was similiar to some of his goals in the Big Ten, a skill that Crew fans appreciated in the youngster. As of late, Meram has set himself up nicely as a late impact, speed option off of the bench.

Meram Spotlight: Acceleration catches Dynamo defense off guard, leads to Anor's goal

Tommy Heinemann, who played for the third division Charleston Battery and second division Carolina Railhawks last season, has surprised everyone by being the favored option up top with Andres Mendoza as of late (most would of expected the more experienced Renteria or Cunningham to be in that position instead). The strong, tall Heinemann repaid Warzycha's faith in him with an insurance goal against the Rapids on June 26th. The goal should help Heinemann's confidence; and the 3 goals between the striker duo of Heinemann and Mendoza on Sunday against the Rapids makes it likely that the two will team up once again against Dallas on July 2nd.

Heinemann Spotlight: Late goal gets Heinemann on the scoresheet

The emergence of these three and Mendoza's uptick in performances as of late has the Crew back in the hunt for the top spot in the Eastern conference.

Monday, June 27, 2011

6/27/2011: Nordecke Moves For A Game, May Create Spark For Supporters

Lately the Nordecke has been suffering from some dullness (the clinical term for 2011 could be described as "Schelotto post-pardem depression"). The section that was jam packed has become half full, chants are less audible, section tifo displays have been pretty non-existant.. Most of all security has stifled anything slightly interesting from happening in the section since early 2009.

That is until last night, as halfway through celebrating a resounding 4-1 win over the Rapids, the Nordecke migrated to the upper north-corner in solidarity with latino group La Turbina and their drums (which are about the only thing you can still hear on a telecast).

Why did La Turbina move again? And why did everyone follow? From what I have purveyed from the forums, the story isn't the most fascinating ever. Here's my best shot in the quickest, non-waste of your time, synopsis form..

Apparently, a guy that will just call Herbert, to avoid the rath of Herbert's spokesperson confidant/soccer forum attorney, couldn't stand somewhere because security labeled the area a fire hazard.. But, La Turbina and their drums were allowed to stand there soon after. Herbert was nonplused and demanded an answer from security, La Turbina (instead of dealing with security) said whatever and moved to the upper stands and most of the Nordecke followed.

Now according to Herbert's friend, this whole stituation has:

"discredited [Herbert], as he is a wonderful person, and friend to anyone, but its
not a matter for the whole stadium. He has not even seen the article just knows
parts of it. When he sees it he will decide what to do next. and it will not be
for everyones entertainment. It will be for the truth of someone who has
supported the team just like the rest of you."

Well, while Herbert plans his next move, and we all await in titilating expectation.. I'll just take a moment to thank Herbert. You my friend sparked the supporters to at least do something together, in unison.

And from what I have heard the supporters were more together, after the move, and chanted at their greatest decibels- since changes have shrunk the Nordecke in early 2009.

So, instead of berating Herbert. We should all be thanking him because hey at least something noteworthy not only happened on the field but also in the stands. Both the team and the Nordecke at least showed last night that we still have a heartbeat and Columbus is still kicking.

**On a sidenote, the only downpart of not having a full Nordecke, in it's usual spot, is that Mendoza had no supporters to really celebrate with when he finally scored a nice goal from a solid effort: